16 year old son ..... 50cc ..... makes sense or not?

Okay … I’ve a dilemma (no wise cracks Wise!!)

My son is about to hit the ‘big’ one six and wants to “get out on the road”. This no doubt means covering the 3 miles to his mates houses to play on someone else’s X-Box rather than his, as well as the 6 mile trip to Colchester for College starting in Sept.

We’re surrounded on semi-rural roads, bar the A120.

Do I dare buy him a 50cc, get him through the CBT and then take him out for ‘educational trips’ … or do I say ‘no, not yet’ and wait till he’s 17 and release him onto the roads with a 125cc.

What’s playing on my mind is … should you release onto the roads:

A) a 16 year old, with a 16 year old’s head, at 30mph max … or

B) a 17 year old, with a 17 year old’s head, at 60mph max. Having bought him a bus season ticket for the past 12 months !!!  

Thoughts please …


I would not want to be you! sorry mate.

My take is, if he wants one now he will want one in a year. better to have the year of experience under his belt, but is he mature enough to warrant the bike?

I’m only a few years off of this with my eldest but she is not into bikes so should be a little easier for me.

I had a sixteen year old head on my FS1E…and nearly broke it a few times too.

Only you know how sensible the lad is…and what his mum has to say about it.

we are already planning Mrs Wise son getting a 50cc when he is 16 in two years but it will be a bike not a scoot

& when he turns 17 he will get a 125cc

as public transport in our region is both piss poor & expensive  

I was a complete cock on 50cc, didn’t die, but you will be ashamed at some point, defo go geared bike if you do it though, will be fun for you to ‘borrow’ :slight_smile:

I’d vote for yes on 50cc geared…can’t bear the thought of another scooter on the road :stuck_out_tongue:
my reasoning is thus, more experience is always a good thing; and having a 1yr’s experience on a bike where you need to spot trouble and get out of it before you in it (i.e can’t just twist the wrist an go) is invaluable.

Not everyone is in the fortunate position to have a Father who also rides. When i was 16 i rode like a Twat and learnt over fields, I would wager most of the Chavs that ride like hooligans on scooters haven’t had an experienced rider Guide them.

If my Son wanted a Bike at 16 i would happily buy him one but on certain conditions

1, Under no circumstances is he getting a Scooter (50cc SuperMoto or Aprilla RS style Bike)

2, He spends a few weekends out with me on the bike learning how to ride sensibly so he see’s the joys of riding properly over riding like a twat (he won’t be allowed out on it till he has done this a few times)

3, the second i hear or see him riding like a twat or in a group of hooligan scooter riders the bike goes

4, He does his CBT and DAS as soon as he is allowed and then moves away from the Scooter brigade and gets a 600cc and then joins us on ride outs etc to see what a bike is really all about


Thanks for the initial, and in response:

1. Like many a teenager at 15 … his brain has converted into something that used to be funny and intelligent, to … well goop. Grunts and Xbox controls are all he can seemingly do …

2. Mrs. is less convinced, but as she’s someone who HATES driving anyway (passed her test at 18 but its taken twenty something years to get her back behind the driving wheel)

  1. Getting the kids onto a bike to me is a good first step to driving a car. My thoughts are getting a 50cc twisty, which will remove initial complications for him and allow him to concentrate on “the road” and all the perils that go with it. Once he has the jist of this, then onto a geared bike. Once he has this under his belt, a year or two on his shoulders … then we’ll look at releasing him on the world in a car !! (God help us)

  2. Will he have an accident … more than likely. That’s just the world … but is it better to have said accident on something that tops out at 30mph, or 60mph … me’thinks the former.

that’s my stance anyway !!


I guess it depends… but thinking back about the stupid shit I used to do at 16, if I’ve had a bike, my brains probably would be scattered all over the road so I’m glad my parents opposed… However if he’s got no access to good public transportation and their friends live miles away, I can understand it the need of it. In my case friends were a couple of blocks away

Marma … I think we’re very lucky as “The Scooter Brigade” is not a thing that I see where we live (bar maybe Braintree … were brains are simply not allowed in). Not sure my son would follow that type of mob anyway.

i have a 50cc sitting in my garage waiting to be sold, 2000km on it.  shout if you’re interested.  totally trustworthy source.

I had the discussion with mrs wise about geared or twisty

& I personally would only go for geared as they offer a lot more control

and im not aware of any twisty bikes only scoots

i have a 50cc sitting in my garage waiting to be sold, 2000km on it.  shout if you're interested.  totally trustworthy source. silveR6
Pop me over some details .......

And same here if anyone want a Honda S-Wing 125

I think i’m weird in that I think I was more sensible at 16/17 that I am now… but a twisty? I get the logic; but it shouldn’t take to long to learn gears stuff - plus that concept can be carried through to the car world…

LOL … was just imagining myself riding a 50cc from London back home over the 62 miles … LMAO

Is it mandatory to lean over the handlebars in a more aerodynamic form? LOL

LOL .... was just imagining myself riding a 50cc from London back home over the 62 miles ..... LMAO IanWilliamson
I did it with mrs wises scoot took me two hours Uxbridge to Maldon

I don’t think there was a moment the throttle wasn’t pinned

I don’t know how rebellious your son is, but if you said no, would he just save his own dosh and by some heap of a scooter anyway and ride it outside of your gaze with next to no protective gear?

If that’s what your son wants, I’d go down the route of supporting him and making sure he does it right. By supporting him, you can ensure he doesn’t hit the road on some god awful death trap of a scooter, you can help him pick up some decent protective gear and of course hit the road with him to coach his riding. Ultimately, riding is dangerous and carries quite a bit of risk which is understandably a worry, but it’s better if you be involved to support your son through these, than to just clamp down, say no (especially when you ride yourself) and risk your son feeling resentful and just getting on the road regardless without you.

I don't know how rebellious your son is, but if you said no, would he just save his own dosh and by some heap of a scooter anyway and ride it outside of your gaze with next to no protective gear?


Very much doubt it ....... he'll know that it would conclude it my size 10 up his ar*e

you need to let go and do the 50cc and will 1yr on the road before the 125cc will help a lot. but still for the 1st month go on ride outs with him to put your mind at rest.

I think with most scooter riders it is a pack mentality… I know around my way when they are in groups they ride like Total Fucking Idiots (sorry no other way to put that)… But I’ll see the same ones on their own and you would not think it is the same person!

So as above if you don’t have too much of that, he may bypass the TFI stage.