14th March - it's my birthday and I'll ride bikes if I want to!


Exact details TBD, but my birthday’s Thursday 14th March so I’ll go for a ride round a bunch of cafes. It’s not going to be a hooligan-fast ride, but all roads will be surfaced :smiley:

Meeting at 9am for a 9:30 departure at South Mimm’s outside the standalone Starbucks, probably ending either on the outskirts of London or at the Bike Shed in the early evening.

Voice any strong opinions about direction here and I’ll see about accommodating.


I want to go in the direction of a steam train!


In the direction of, or like one?


Direction of, over had bikes do steam train impressions, it doesn’t end well


I’d just like to warn everyone that gravel is a surface


ITNConverter is suggesting I’d have to set an alarm for 06:41


whats the postcode of the starbux?


EN6 3QQ, but you can find it in your Blue Light discount app :slight_smile:

More generally, if half nine’s a bit early, we can just leave later! NT, how’s 07:41 for a wakeup?


Back in the day 6:41 was a lie in, 9 for 9 30 is fine really


Just remembered this is the 4 year bought day for my sv, will the be cake for the bikes too?


I’ve put in for the day off! so don’t leave without me… Well unless I don’t get the day off then you don’t have to wait


Hmmmm I may come but I have to in Euston at 3 to present at a conference


I’ve just fiddled the route a bit, looking at the weather. almost all the shit singletrack roads are out, so this ought to be fine for normal road bikes. Also, to avoid a repeat of last year’s sugar crash we’ll do cake stop, lunch stop, cake stop, rather than just all cake :slight_smile:

Euston for 3’s likely to be a bit tight - I’m aiming to hit the Bike Shed for 4/5ish and I’m not sure where would be best to head into town. If you fancy turning up and trying, I’m happy for you just peel off as you see fit.

And this is still 9 for 9:30 start since nobody’s claimed that to be a problem :smiley:


I’m going to have to bail out enjoy your day


Fair play to anyone out there on the bikes today, just had a squall pass through work 5 minutes after I got in.


Have a fantastic day


As if it weren’t wet enough already today :grin:


fine work


Good job. That’s one more for the die-hards :slight_smile:


Was a great day I have to say.