13 year old seriously injured

13 year old riding a Moped has been seriously injured in a crash.  WTF?..


Sounds serious, let’s see what happened

and they can’t be named or prosecuted as they’re under age

Pretty sure the age of criminal responsibility is 10

Thought you had to be 16 to ride a moped.

That too

The more of this there is. The more of this will happen.

Do we know the 13 year old was doing something illegal?

Riding a moped at 13 is illegal…

Wouldn’t riding a moped at 13 be illegal on several counts?

Then one of the group he was riding with rode the moped off, which may or may not have been another illegal act but it does raise suspicions of the possibility of some other criminal activity.

Fair points. Just hope the kid gets what he deserves.