1290 Duke official pics and stats

75-degree V-twin
106 lb.-ft. of torque
74 lb-ft at 2,500rpm
dry weight of 416 lbs
0 to 124 mph in 7.2 seconds
redline at 12,000rpm

That sounds awesome. One question though - why do they make them so damn ugly?

I think new SDR looks great, supermoto mode sounds interesting… :slight_smile:


supermoto mode sounds mental!

the last incarnation of the SDR was a handful, this will be freaking awesome.

and it looks fantastic. definitely a new addition to the fantasy garage.

Can’t wait for these to appear on the secondhand market :smiley:

You’ll start seeing them used pretty quickly I reckon, just watch out for the big brown stains on the seats.

I would have that over the King anyday!!!

will be costly though… :crying:

I still don’t like the face… the rest of the bike is gorgeous!

And sounds mental! :smiley:

Looking at one for Christmas :smiley:

Its nice… I could add it to the other one and have 2 superdukes I don’t have time to ride :rolleyes:

That guy in the first picture looks incredibly uncomfortable.

Still it is a superduke, probably only does 30 mile to a tank, so won’t be uncomfortable for long :smiley:

would love to test ride one… def the only bike so far that i would consider trading the CB1R for

Pfff you had your shot at an SD and you chose the CB :stuck_out_tongue:

Ugly?! That’s one of the most beautiful bike I’ve ever seen! I love the look of KTMs.

Looks amazing! Spec’s make it sound EPIC. I WANT IT!

What do you think the price tag will be? :D:w00t:

I have no idea, but I think it will be a bit less than the 1190 adv, so about 11K I reckon. but I’m probably being optimistic.

The more I look at it, the more I feel like turning ORANGE! :hehe:

This is deadly…

what a sound


Absolutely nonsense. Would be handy.
This is possibly the only non Ducati bike I’d consider buying. :smiley: