127 Diner opening 12th Jan


Not my neck of the woods, but sounds interesting. Quite like the idea of a Friday or Saturday KeeeeeBab night.

EDIT - Should say 17th Jan in the topic title

Interesting for sure but it looks like its just for vintage stuff.

Bit like going to the Lord Derby on a tuesday its about 75miles for me to get there so not very likely.

I nearly posted this when I saw it on the EAMG site. But wasn’t sure of the relevance for the same reason…

not to far from me might go check it out some time. 31 miles:D

sounds good to me, will give it a try.

Yes…I will be popping in there too, but not for the opening.

Nice & Local. could be worth a look :slight_smile:

Not far from me and I like the sound of the 127 All Day Breakfast!! BURP! Count me in if anyones organising a trip there.:smiley:

Sunday 18th?

That address is saying that the same place as the dick Turpin?? Is this right?? they are not at the same place are they?

But def worth going to as just down the road.:P:D

Think you’ll see it a few hundred yards before the Turpin. Southend bound.:slight_smile:


Never be as good as the old blinkin owl bike cafe…ahhhh the good ol days:Whistling:

Deffo some good times were had up there. :slight_smile:

I still see a few of the old lot.

I am one of the old lot!:w00t:

So who are you and who do you remember?

I know you are. :)I don’t know if you’d want to remember me.:ermm:I still see Andrew, Alex, Steve, Berik, Andy & I saw Jane end of last year. Can’t think of anyone else at the moment.

Hi JS are you going to the A127 on sunday, or a ride out, let us know

Lol i’m intrigued now go on do tell:D see if i remember u:w00t:

We might be, if anyone is interested in going, or meeting us there to show us round the exciting roads of their local area:D

I used to ride an FZR 600, that you went on the back quite alot. :w00t: See I said you might not want to remember me.

No…still none the wiser!:doze:

Well i hope your well and the 20 years since i saw you last has treated you well:D