if you cant afford a big bike why not buy a second hand tractor you know you want to.

chuckey o’lar I know ur name thats it im coming tooled up ur gonna get u big time now paddy f**k wit. Ok ill see u in a minuet when or when charile gets back from his ahem patrol or when he’s finished throwing one up patsy

i should be in bed but cant sleep with the heat.If you log in before going to work call me and let me know what time you will be at the station

I appear to have stumbled in to a thread suffering from turettes.

I hope this is all just playful banter.

yes it is playfull banter.early morning very tired playfull banter

yes it is playfull banter but i dont see what its got to do with you anyway so whats ur problem! wind ur neck in and stop putting ur oar in when its not wanted

now im annoyed who shook ur pram anyway