anyone know anyone whos bought one of these?


my gal is thinking of getting one, we re going down to have a look on friday…

Is anyone actually able to get on this page???

not when u click it, you need to type it in the title bar


Try this


What one you going for Steve ?

Could be OK but won’t have much resale value, so it’s a keep it bike.

Cheers Mark.

the 125 one…

she only wants sumthing for a few mths practice to then do her das

i think you should buy a matching pair, man you two would look sooooooo cool

To be honest judging by the fact I’ve never heard of them, the fact they’re probably just the slightly bigger equivalent of those dodgy chinese mini bikes on ebay, and the worryingly budget website layout, I wouldn’t touch one with a barge pole. But go and look anyway, you may have just discovered the latest fantastic make.

we dont really care about the make, thing is these things are cheaper new than a second hand honda cg

and she dont wana keep it long, so no point paying out a grand on a 8 yr old honda thatll need new bits, mot etc

From everything I’ve read in the press, and on the net, the biggest problem with the chinese bikes is quality control. While they use pattern components based on known bikes, the quality of both materials and construction are a bit suspect. to be honest, an older CG or similar would probably be more reliable, and hold it’s value more.

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