125'ers at Arundel Sunday

Hello all, few pics I took, resized for here, have higher res if required. Sorry, couldn’t hang around for you ‘big boys’!










Awesome - nice one dude - I remember you taking pics, but didn’t realise who you was :smiley:

Looks like fun, nice photos :smiley:

Cheers for those, nice to put a face to a name, was funny though cos when we got of the bikes we were like “whose that bloke taking pics of us …?” :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha, and I thought I was being low key! Good job I didn’t bring the big camera you’d have had me arrested!

Ah - it was you!

If I’d known that, I’d have come to ask if I could have a nosey at your camera … I’m think I’m in the market for a G9/10/11 … but thought asking a complete stranger to have a fiddle with his toy would have been off :hehe:

i waved at somebody on the a3 on the way home, was it any of you? or was i waving at some random person

at least i think it was the a3

Intersting :wink:

good pics theres just 1 prob no strokers in sight pffft that will have 2 change:D