125cc scooter - mileage info

What yearly mileage on a 125cc engine seems reasonable? Does 30,000 on a 125 seem excessive, and would it be towards the end of its life?

What is it? What is the service record like? How old is it? It all makes a lot of difference. Yearly mileage isn’t really the issue. A modern four stroke water cooled 125 with regular oil changes etc would probably have some life in it at 30,000, but would probably need things like cam chains replacing. An air cooled two stroke without proper care would be completly shagged at half that mileage.

Its a Honda Dylan. Apparently its been serviced recently and just passed an MOT. Just seems like a lot of mileage for a 5 yr old 125.

That is 6,000 a year - I do more than that each year on all the bikes I have owned. As I said, make sure the service record is complete and thorough.

Dylans are reliable, and small Hondas have a great reputation for durability. do some research and fnd out the mileage that clutches and cam chains need replacing. There are loads of Dylans about so it should be easy to find some experieicnes posted up somewhere.

Thanks for the advice Giuliano

Dylans are good bikes, loads were sold, so shop around - there are bound to be some good deals. beware that couriers use Dylans a lot so high mileage bikes might have been ridden hard, but if properly and professionally maintained that might not be a problem.

I am definately favouring either a Dylan or a PS. But i did see an Xmax today, and it looked very nice. I have been warned off of Piaggios tho, are they unreliable?

I don’t think Piaggios are any less reliable as long as you look after them and they were sold by a good dealer. But I would say this is true of any make of bike. There are an awful lot of Piaggio machines (Vespa and Gilera bikes come out of the same factory and use largely the same parts) and a lot of them get seriously abused.

Jackie and I have done over 64,000 miles on Piaggio X9s, and before that I did a further 20,000 on other Piaggio machines. The only significant problem with any of them were a couple of issues with on X9 that developed over the four years we had it and all were the result of poor PDI by the original dealer.

The dylan is a very good and capable scoot but the PS is even better.

Had mine for nearly 2 years, 5k on clock and its even better now than when it was new. Has never let me down and gets used (and abused) daily in all weathers.

Plenty of cheap dylans around but just make sure it has a decent service history and you wont go wrong. If money is not important then get the ps…its damn good.