125 ride to Hastings or Rye on 2nd or 3rd of march

As the weather is getting nicer im wanting to go on a nice ride down south next Friday or Saturday.

A few of my friends might come wear all on 125 with l plates and thought id post up to see if anyone else wants to come it will be 125 pace just a nice ride down south.

not 100% wear we will go but it will down that way so Hastings or Rye im not fussed if you want to come post in hear or pm me and well sort something out. XD

Ross I want to go. But you know its for Troll factor :smiley:


Ross, I wouldn’t take the country lanes on your bike because you’ll probably run out of petrol before the next petrol station :stuck_out_tongue:

If my new bike’s put back together, I’m in :slight_smile:

Oh not if it’s the Friday - Josh’s birthday.

Ricco you can piss off lol

Dan a21 then a268 i get like 90 miles to a tank so as long as i fill up in Tonbridge i should be good lol just hope theres a station in rye lol

Columbo wer abouts do u live me and my friends are from south east london wer would u want to meet xD

karleigh well put it back to geather then lol

I can meet anywhere really. I live east but I spend loads of time in bermondsey/peckham.

When ye at the Rye cafe on the quay, there’s a petrol station opposite from it, follow the road, 5 seconds later you’re there.

Any bets going up how often the coppers will stop ya?

schmidt cheers mate means i shouldn’t run out of petrol at all then XD

no bets as of the moments hope none lol but 4 or 5 125s it might happen lol

do you know your way to the tea hut i can pick you up from there if you want.

yeah matey!