125 newbie reporting in

Hi all, I’m Tom and I’ve been riding my CBF 125 (with L plates :D) for just over a year now.

I love riding and now that the nice weather is upon us I’m looking for other 125 riders to meet and go for a ride with.

I’m currently living in Leatherhead, so literally down the road from Boxhill, and getting to London for meetups is no problem at all.

Here is my pride and joy on top of the Zig Zag at Boxhill:

Welcome to LB! There are a couple of new 125 riders, should get together and organise some 125 rideouts!

welcome :slight_smile:

I’m in favour of a 125 rideout but how should it be structured?

I, with only a few months experience, need to concentrate on riding and wouldn’t be able to be the leader or the tail gunner (and hang back to avoid being picked as a cornerman) and I reckon a lot of us would be the same.
I guess we could organise a few rides in two’s and three’s, rather than 10+ learners that need the structure we employ on the regular rideouts.

One of the good things about the 125 friendly rideouts is most of the riders won’t be on 125’s or inexperienced- I don’t mind being the slowest person in the pack and I look to the more experienced guys and gals to see what they are doing.

I agree, unless one of the more experienced riders on here wants to organise something.

I’m down for just meeting up with a few other people and going for a ride somewhere, since I haven’t ridden with anyone else before at all.

Come along to the newbie night at the Ace Cafe and try to make one of the Borough Market meetings on Wednesdays.
I’m a recently joined member too- people have been very friendly and helpful.

Are you looking to do DAS?

I saw the Newbie Night, will have to go to that next time.

Yeah hopefully before summer, though not necessarily looking for a bigger bike due to money and moving out of current place.

What 125 are you riding?

I’m currently on a Yamaha YBR125, although my Street Triple is bought.
I just need to pass my Mod 2 which should be in the next week or so.

What are you riding?
When you are ready to do your DAS make sure you check out MCT London, run by one of the members here, Terry Moto.
Really top notch training- got me through my Mod 1 this week.


Hi and welcome!