125 insurance

Art junior is about to take his CBT and I’m looking at insurance costs …

I’ve been quoted £600.00 for third party fire & theft by Swintons, and £1000.00 for fully comprehensive by Bikesure. Both seem to be a little excessive to me.

What should I expect to have to fork out for an 18 year old provisional licence holder on something like a Honda CG125?
What are/did you pay for 125 insurance?

try e bike, with you as the main rider, and him as a named rider, on a 2 bike policy, bet you’ll be suprised

As a 30 year old new rider on a provisional licence, I got quoted anything from £470 to over £900 for fully comp, with very little difference for 3rd party, fire and theft.

In the end, I ended up buying a new bike from a dealer because that way I got special rates for insurance through Yamaha (and also a load of vouchers and warranty etc thrown in). Ended up costing me I think it was £220 fully comp for a YBR. Might be worth looking at that kind of option for you too.

Thanks for your input …

Ratcatcher, eBike was more of a shock at £1492.00 for me and junior, Bonnie FC and CG125 TFFT. I’m guessing my awaiting settlement £7k claim and 9 point tally ain’t helping too much. I’m getting FC on the Bonnie at £300.00 just now, which I’m thinking is a bit of a snip considering.

Lizling, He’s probably worth a new bike, especially since his exam results came through this morning with triple distinction distinction distinction, I think that was 16 modules with distinction and 2 with merits (must take after his Mum) However another new bike is simple beyond my income.

Now got juniors 125 down to £558.00 TPFT with Express Insurance, still thinking that’s a little steep or maybe I’m being unrealistic.

£300 for TP and £500 TPFT sound about right to me. I was getting same quotes 3years ago, 25years, CBT and living in London.
A second hand CG should be fairly cheap and its more unlikely to be stolen so i would go with TP only, but i am going with TP only with all my bikes :slight_smile: