125 friendly ride out to virginia waters tomorrow


Lstar and I are going on a little rideout to virginia water tomorrow 16th april and to ride about some country roads there, have lunch etc.

I’m on my 125 so we won’t be going very fast! If any other 125ers or bigger bikes that want to come on a relaxed ride want to come, we will be meeting at the esso tesco express on fulham road at 11am (let me know if you need more direction that this ha)

We are also looking to ride up to aylesbury on sunday but will post detail of this later.

I’m up for this.
Is the Tesco at 248 Fulham Road, SW10 9NA?


I don’t know how to get the address -

This is the streetview:


here you go 304A Fulham Rd, London SW10 9ER

I know that one- it is opposite Brompton Cemetery.
304A Fulham Rd London SW10 9ER is the address.

See you at 11.

Awesome seeya then.

Guys it’s this one:

459 Fulham Road
It’s on the Fulham road, going towards Fulham, just past the Chelsea kitchen that is on the corner of Fulham Road and A3220 (Gunter grove). It’s got a petrol station if I remember rightly.

Ok, thanks Laurence.

Tomorrow is the 16th

Ah, shame, I would have definitely been up for this if my bike wasn’t at Chiswick Honda after Sunday’s accident :frowning:

Enjoy guys, the weather’s supposed to be great!!

Haha so it is! Fixed, thanks :slight_smile:

Jacks Fish & Chips on the A30 at Bagshot is a popular lunch time bike meet if your down that way. :slight_smile:

Thanks TDJ!

That was a lot of fun.
I don’t think we set any speed records but it was nice to practice riding in a group and staying aware of where we all were as well as other traffic.
Thanks to Laurence for navigating- we should do it again soon.

Yes very good learning experience and the lake was lovely, thanks for taking me out of london guys!

Got lost on my way home and ended up in wimbledon grr haha

Very tired now, off to bed.


Well done Trumpet all home safe.:wink:

No probs guys, it was lovely meeting you. I wouldn’t call it navigating as such :laugh:but I guess we all got there and back home safely, and had uninterrupted sunshine so it was a success, right?

Lauren sorry you got lost on the way home :(, you must be shattered!

No i’m used to it lol!

Everytime I come over a bridge from North London I always manage to take a wrong route, I could have sworn I took the Brixton/streatham turn off, god knows how I ended up in Wimbledon.

And then I get so determined that I’ll find my way home without checking my phone, I get even more lost haha!

Best way to learn your way around London :slight_smile: