125 ers Ride out

aaahhhhhahahahahahahaha ur a rum bum and backy boy ahahahahahaha how long ago were u in cause i spent some time on the golden rover lancaster and the new castle

COUNT ME IN as long as i am free that is

Hey CEZ, is that a Honda CD200 Benley you are on about, if so pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee bring it along,

has anyone got any objections on windsor then??? and would you like to do it during the week or weekends?

Weekends are proabably better for me, but wouldnt rule out an evening ride during the week if i am free.

Hi right firstly sorry tricksie but i just got an all clear from my boss to have tommorow off so does any one wanna meet to go to windsor we’ll meet at chelsea bridge if anyone has got any other ideas on where to meet feel free, but i reakon we should meet at 10:00 hrs is that alright

Hey Misty

If you want people to come on a 125 ride out, you are going to have to give everyone about a weeks notice, not a next day thing… well depending on how many people you want to join you obviously!!!

Also think the majority would appreciate a weekend

well tomorrow is a weekend… but still i just fancied a ride out tomorrow and to see if anyone wanted to go