125 ers Ride out

Whos interested in a 125cc ride out to somewhere like windsor or somewhere else all offers accepted all 125’s allowed

always up for a chance to get the little one out…

ive got a little one…ask flatster

Well i only come off a 125 in jan, so will help if you want - live in yiewsley, know a few good 125 routes to windsor if you need some help/maps(easy)/guide?

I heard bout that aswell!!! how you doing mate, PM me, felt gutted for you, you need a TRACKER aswell as the number to Spearmint security!!

maps would be good getting there i know a little about the area cause i used to live there so if everyone wants to go out there think of a day and we’l do it.

i got a little one too…… but it likes to grow

dont need to know thanks…

there is a nice little pub over the river in windsor will find out what the name is and the road there is perfect for 125s

theres a pub that used to be called the “fort and Firkin” thats on the river, has public parking behind (bikes cant pay n display) and theres parking over the road, right next to town centre, if us “not on 125’s” aren’t allowed, PM me and i’ll send you 3-4 excellent 125 routes (i used to tour round their on my RS125, - Couple of roads to see what your bikes can do - if your into that sort of thing??)

last time i was there the fort and firkin was called browns and shooters (the one under the bridge) was changed then mirage is now called liquid chicargos is still there a new kerbab place has opened up down by eton bridge the star, rose and crown have become trendy wine bars now theres a new one called the e bar opened up near my old house victoria barracks!!!

I have no idea where the place is, but wouldnt minds joining a few of you if it happens

I ment the “Fort and Firkin” where the boat trips go from, right in front of the castle - is that the same one - has patio/(now) decking out the front, excellent in the summer, good food!

Count me in! Can I use my CD200? If not I’m happy on use my scooter, lol

That’s what I always say

yeah the one near the river and car park when was the last time u were in windsor?

and yeah anyone can come just rember theres 125’s out there and it would be prefered if it was just 125’s however if anyone else aint got a problem with it then bring what ya like

was there this afternoon, i love going down Runneymead, good twisties to practice leaning (thats a good place to go on nice day peeps)

well i used to live there as a squaddie but that place is always changing

sqaddie - pongo???

f**k off pongo the only ones that say that are RAF u werent that were u?

close but no Cigar - Navy (AEM - helicopter engineer)