121Ride Track Coaching Service

BSB regulars ‘Ian Cobby’ and ‘Francis Williamson’, UK Dirt track King ‘Pete Boast’, ‘Brendan Roberts’, ‘Stuart Stevenson’ and ‘John Chambers’ are the star instructors for 121Ride. From BSB to Endurance racing these guys have ridden and raced just about every type of motorbike used today. They have amassed a vast knowledge, that can pass on to YOU! In just a day you can learn in what may take you years to learn on your own. Although racers, all of the instructors at 121Ride are accomplished coaches and can help everyone from a novice to racer.

There are 3 main options:

121 Training
This is where you will work with your coach over the course of a day or in some cases ½ day. Completely structured around your needs and what you wish to achieve.

Group Training
This time your instructor will work with a group of you (upto 3) and take you through a structured approach to learning techniques and lines. The day will be a mix of classroom and track based instruction. Your group will be of similar ability ie Novice / Inter / Fast.

This is fully structured day offering the more experienced rider the chance to move upto the next level. The gold level is aimed at Inter / Fast level riders. Using advanced race and track techniques we will cover items such as weight transfer and trail braking hook turns etc. The Diamond level is aimed at people who are racers or who are contemplating going racing. We will cover bike preparation, mental preparation and will normally use video and in some cases data logging to really analyse your riding.

We want to ensure you have a memorable time, and we are 100% confident that you will have improved your riding skills and will be more at one with your bike.

Costs Are:

121 Instruction

£250 for a full day with one of our instructors.

Group Rates

Group Session for 3 people … £300.00 … £100per person
Group Session for 4 people … £340.00 … £85 per person
Group Session for 5 people … £400.00 … £80 per person
Group Session for 6 people … £450.00 … £75 per person

Academy Days

They are priced depending on circuit and level of academy. Prices are based on Snetterton:

Gold … ( Max 4 to 1) Instructor ratio… £250.00

Diamond/Race … (Max 4 to 1) Instructor Ratio… £250.00

Includes: Suspension set up, open pit lane

For full price details, please e-mail John Chambers or look on the www.121Ride.com website.

This is nothing like the 20mins slot you may get on a trackday.

On all the options you will :Both track and classroom sessions.Same instructor with you for ALL the sessions.Structure to the day and sessions.You will actually learn, not just follow instructions.Notes to read and take away.Email analysis to be sent later.

On all the days you are expected to use your own bike and equipment. If you need or want to hire a bike we have an excellent relationship with hire companies who can provide bikes and full support throughout the day.

Discounts will be given to people who do multiple days and introduce more clients.

Visit the www.121Ride.com site to learn more about us.
Or Contact:

John Chambers
Mobile: 07786 698515
Email: [email protected]
Mail: 32 Harley Street, Leigh on Sea, Essex SS9 2NJ

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2009 datesFriday 6th Feb - Cadwell
Friday 6th Feb Oulton
Sun 15th Feb - Snetterton
Mon 16th Feb - Snetterton -Open Pit Lane

Tuesday 24th Feb Brands
Sat 28th Feb - Brands Indy
Sat 28th Feb - Cadwell Park
Sunday 1st Mar Snetterton
Sun 1st March - Cadwell Park
Sun 1st March - Silverstone Nat
Thur 5th March - Brands Indy
Wed 18th March - Snetterton
Saturday 21st Mar Cadwell
Tues 7th April - Oulton Park
Tues 7th April - Brands Hatch
Tues 7th April - Brands Hatch (Indy) - EVE

Cartagena, Spain 13-15 April £545.00
3 days on track, bike transport, 3 star hotel.

Friday 17th April - Snetterton
Mond 20th April - Donni GP
Monday 27th April - Croft
Tues 28th April - Mallory
Tues 28th April - Oulton
Sun 3rd May - Rockinghm Int

Bank Holiday 4th May - Rockingham Nat

Thurs 7th May - Silverstone GP
Thurs 7th May - Silverstone GP EVE
Mon 11th May - Croft QUIET
Wed 13th May - Oulton Park
Sun 17th May - Rockingham
Mon 18th May - Cadwell Park
Mon 18th May - Cadwell EVE

Hi Guys, firstly just a big thanks to all the people who attanding our training days in 2008. We look forward to seeing you again in 2009.

We have a few things in the pipeline for 2009. These include:

Race team in the Hottrax endurance seriesEuropean event early on in the yearMore Acadamy days.As usual we will be running as many days as we can in 2009.

Our current days planned are:


Friday 30th Jan - Brands
Sunday 1st Feb - Snetterton
Friday 6th Feb - Cadwell
Friday 6th Feb - Oulton

Have a great Christmas and new year.

Hello all,

Just a update to tell you what should be going on in 2009.

121Ride in Europe

We are planning a jaunt to Europe the date is:

Cartagena, Spain 13-15 April 2009 - £545.00

It is a 3 day event with bike transport and 3 star hotel - PLUS as much instruction as we can manage.

Have 10 places available so need deposits of £200.00 asap.

If you are interested please email me back

121Ride Endurance Team

We will be entering a team for the Hottrax endurance series in the Junior Tag 1000cc Class.
We would like people i.e. you to be part of this team, the aim of the team is to get people who want to start racing
get into it as painlessly as possible, and people who love racing to be part of a team that has a load of fun.
1st timer or experienced racer we do not mind.

The provisional dates are below so if you fancy one or more rounds please let me know.

Mallory Park 29 March
Snetterton 18/19 April
Anglesey 23/24 May
Cadwell Park 4 July
Snetterton 15 August
Pembrey 1/2 August
Silverstone 19 September

121Ride Academy

These will be running again in 2009 at Snetterton with one in April and one in June (Dates to be confirmed) watch web site for details. For those that do not know it is aimed at Inter/Fast/Race people and focuses on really moving your game upwards and developing a ‘feel’ for your bike. We will have suspension classes, tyre classes, plus optional camera, and data logging analysis.

121Ride Training

As always we will carrying out 121 training at tracks all round the UK, so what ever day you require we will try and accommodate you. For those that have already had some training you should consider shared days where we will try and match you up with people of similar standard to try and get a bit of friendly competition going.

I had a real blast in 2008 and really enjoyed working with you all and really appreciate your custom and feedback over the year. Hope 2009 will be even better.

Very best regards

John Chambers
Track Coach
Mobile 07786 698515

Hottrax Junior Endurance on Mallory Park 29 MarchHi there is anyone interested in a ride in the Jnr 1000 race at Mallory on the 29th March 2009.

It will be for the 121Ride team See 121Ride - Track Based Coaching .
At the moment will be a one off as we have riders allocated for the other rounds, but you never know.

There will be a team Manager (Me) and various helpers and spanners around to help out on the day. The other rider will be Brendan Roberts one of our Chief Instructors.

I am looking for someone who will fit in to a team and has a presentable bike and good professional manner. I am actively looking for a person who has not raced before and would like to get into racing. The whole aim of running this team is encourage new people into racing in a helpful environment where you are able to get help and advice all the way thru to the race.

Costs will be 50% of the entry fee.

PM or ring me if interested.

John C

God!! i wish i was younger and had a more respectable bike :crying:

I wish it wasnt Mallory lol :slight_smile:

I’ll give you a call tomorrow, John. Jay has asked me to contact you…

By the way, I meant to say yesterday that the “junior” doesnt relate to you, it’s related to the class and roughly means that it’s not the national series (i.e. novices can take part and it’s not as long)…

Personally, however, I wouldn’t want to start out racing on a litre bike. Much as I think this is a good idea in many respects and I think that John is to be commended for assisting entry to racing for those that wish it, I can’t not state that and have a clear conscience.