120bhp Honda CG125!!!

This is how to calculate your BHP when talking to your mates:

Swear blind that your smoking, nasty example of a half-clapped-out engine makes the figure claimed by the manufacturer.

Then round up to the nearest 10.

Bolt-on Mods

Despite the fact that your engine has knackered big ends, poor valve seals, worn bores and rings that are as tight as a wizard’s sleeve, overcome this by bolting tat onto the outside of it.

If an R1 can pick up 8bhp from an Acrapovich exhaust, then so can your CG125, even if you don’t have an Acrapovich exhaust.

Then round up to the nearest 10.

Stickers & Bodywork Mods

Race bikes have stickers so you need them too - the key thing here is to NOT buy ones that apply to anything you have fitted, go for stuff that isn’t even made for your bike, so Arrow / HEL / Powerbronze are ideal for a CG125.

Make sure that you use plenty of carbon-fibre effect bodywork mods, with as many colour co-ordinated anodised fasteners as you can as these are well known to substantially increase your bike’s BHP.

“It’s A Good’un Factor”

You need to add a proportional value based on the “It’s a good 'un” factor of your bike.

Basically as this is YOUR bike, not anyone else’s, it’s special so the mods will all make more difference and you can legitimately multiply the numbers up a bit to take this into account.

The thing to remember with modifications to a bike is that they work in harmony and it all comes together as a package; your exhaust will compliment head mods, your filter will work well with a de-cat or whatever.

Now stickers are about attitude, and attitude is what counts out there on the street.

Take the percentage of your bike covered by stickers and bodywork mods and add that onto your BHP figure as an attitude adjustment.

Then round up to the nearest 10.

Now add up the figures and round them up again.


Honda CG 125

Quoted figure (use a guess if you cant find the manufacturers), 14bhp = 20bhp

Filter (using the figure for an R1) – 4 bhp = 10bhp

Exhaust (using figure for a Ducati 1098) – 8 bhp = 10bhp

De-cat (it never had one so you get this without doing anything, PHAT!) – 5 bhp = 10 bhp

Sticker coverage = 47% = 50%

Bodywork Mods = 14% = 20%

Its a good’un factor = 25% = 30%

So 20+ 10+ 10+ 10= 50 x stickers 50% = 75 x bodywork factor 20% = 90 x good’un factor 30%= 117

A final round up makes for a grand total of 120bhp

However, this is only your basic BHP figure - make sure when you quote it you increase it inversely to the combined age of the mates you are trying to impress, and in direct proportion to the number of pints you have consumed.