1200 Suzuki Bandit . . .

Ho could you consider an IL4 after owning a V Twin?

Shame on you

Thats fair enough-it’s all banter. I dont have the skills to use even a fraction of what the bike can offer but it does make me smile every time I ride it.

So to get back to the origional post, you gonna buy a bandit or not?

Got to say I love my bandit too. Easyiest Bike I’ve ever wheelied!

lol . . . Im with you bro, I just wanna bike that I love riding . . .

Think I need to go sit on a few n try em out fer size

gsx 1400…its makes sensehad a bandit there ok .but the gsx better on long trips and grunty as fook… xjr ok

What about an SV1000

It’s a Vee Thing

JZ- Hayabusas will be getting even cheaper when they unveil the new one next week

Insufficient data provided !

What do you want to use it for ?


its the only way!

so wat you getting