1200 Suzuki Bandit . . .

Yes or no?

My opinion (and it is a very biased one) is take one for a test and also consider the GSX1400. I liked the bandit but loved the 1400.

It all depends what you want from a bike, The NEW Bandit is as cheap as chips for the up to date gizmos you get with it, check out the write ups in the Mags. The GSX1400 just oozzers character and has got more to give in riding it. At the end of the day , it’s up to you.

Yes, definitely yes!!! More Bandits, the better!




Get an XJR!

hmmmmmm . . . now i do like those . . .

bandit, cant go wrong!

But you prefer the gixxer!?

looking at another 12 all ready as my winter project


So what have you just bought?

XJR’s are great!

you can turn it into one of these like I did:

Have a look at this months BIKE magazine

just a lovely torquey engine. love mine though

Why does it slam them?

See pics I robbed from another site. 1400 is cheaper, torquier, more powerful, more comfortable and better suspended.


I have ridden both bikes, The Suzi is a nice ride but the suspension is complete ****e, the yammie was much more or an agressive ride, eating in to the corners, but the suzi had more power obviously and the torque was a little better. So I got the Yammie put the r1 front end on and stage 3’d the engine.

Didn’t get to try the big Honda tho’.