12 O'clock Boys film trailer

12 O'Clock Boys-Trailer

Determination, danger and one boy’s dream: this perilous coming-of-age story follows Pug, a wise-cracking thirteen-year-old living on a dangerous Westside Baltimore block. He has one goal in mind: to join the 12 O’Clock Boys; the notorious urban dirt-bike gang of Baltimore. Converging from all parts of the inner city, they invade the streets and clash with police, who are forbidden to chase the bikes for fear of endangering the public. Pug looks to the pack for mentorship, companionship and guidance - spurred by their dangerous lifestyle. He narrates their world as if explaining a vivid dreamscape, complemented with unprecedented, action-packed footage of the riders in their element. The film presents the pivotal years of change in a boy’s life growing up in a unique environment in one of the most dangerous and economically depressed cities in the United States.UK Premiere next week http://www.opencitydocsfest.com/index.php?id=350

gota love it wish we had crap like that over hear i would have so much fun all day long =[

To be honest mate it looks like a film about people searching for meaning and purpose in a situation of social and economic breakdown - so be careful what you wish for :wink:

You want to live in a city where it’s completely illegal to ride any off-road style bike within the city-limits? :crazy:

This is gonna give the local yoof some ideas - dirtbike suspension travel and ground clearance definitely provides more scope than a scooter to outrun law enforcement across concrete estates and will probably spawn a generation of motorcycle parkour stars :smiley:

Would say more 10 O clock :smiley:


So is this a film about a young lad who aspires to be a delinquent?

Oh my, more ways for them to die by as opposed to guns :frowning:

so long as someone says popo in it at some point, i’m in.