£12,226 electric bill lunacy!

had this at work with British Gas. the previous tenant was paying the wrong meter and the one in the middle floor never paid his gas for a year and a half!

they still havent figured out what to do! :smiley:

Can’t they just average it out? What makes no sense is this reading in April 2011, there’s no meter that could have been that meter. It’s obviously a human error.

wish u good luck sorting it out.
had a similiar problem 5years ago, when i was charged 800£ worth of electricity for two weeks even when nobody was occupying the flat at that time. Took me 10’s of phone calls, a few final warning letters and 8months to sort it out. Basically everyone to who u talk on the phone will tell u that they believe u that there is no way u could use that much electricity but they still keep asking u for the money! Bunch of retards!

Could always try this…


It didnt work for this guy but may be worth a shot :smiley:

Mate this is the stuff you need to go to the paper with.

Even if its just to get one of those pictures where you look really unhappy holding the bill.

Go on, 15 minutes of fame!

You spoken with the CAB or a solicitor yet? Might want to see what your options are. Ask Npower to go back over the years for that building not just your flat and ask them what the average is. I think unless you are building Irobot in there they will twig soon enough.

also this is comedy gold if you can start writing the witty letters, this is one of the lads that does it.


I was going to start a bit of campaign, stuff like this gets a lot of interest because everyone feels like they’re getting CAM-shafted recently. However I’m in two minds because I really don’t wanna pay this bill, if I cause a bit of PR disaster for them they might decide to press for the payment - however that’s very unlikely.

Following on from what Kaos said…

If you also keep logs of calls you’ve made, letters you’ve written, emails sent, stamp costs, phone bills, etc you can be reimbursed. The way this is usually done is they take your hourly wage and times it by the number of hours spent + expenses (paper, phone bills, etc… However tedious you feel like being). Just remember you have to be able to justify what you claim. For example, you can’t claim your whole phone bill but you can claim the calls you made to them as I’m assuming its an 0845 number charged at around 20p p/m.

something similar happened to my sister a while back her elec bill where stupidly high…

After months and months they sent in an engineer to be told the building lights had been wired incorrectly and she was paying for he lights and all the light in and around the building.

Not sure she evern managed to get any money back out of it.

I’ve been monitoring the electricity metre and it’s not moved much in the last couple of days. I’ll keep tabs on it though.

I got a new bill calculated and it’s £1,200+ WTF? It’s like they’ve just decided to go “Oh well let’s charge them 10% of the bill”. Remember this is for electricity alone. There’s no way I used that much off them, they’ve given me absolutely no indication on how they’ve worked this out. They’ve got no meter readings that are accurate at all. A guy came around before and said there had obviously been some kind of human error. so there’s no units of measure on this billthey’ve admitted their records must be wrongthe clock does not tally up any thing they have recorded in over a yearthey have not disclosed how they’ve “worked this out”

I am not going to pay them a single penny until they can prove what the **** is going on with this.

Does anyone know where I can get specific legal advice on this matter? It seems totally unfair they can just pluck a number out of the sky after admitting an error.

This is just for 1/4’s use, in a two bedroom flat. No special electrical equipment or anything. I’m not going to pay it back, it will have to go to court.

I’m really angry about this and tempted to start making a video and posting it about to show the absolutely lunacy of this stupidity. In the meantime all I can advise is stay well away from npower, they seem like an absolute bunch of cowboys.

I lived in a five bedroom warehouse with 3 music producers before who worked from home and our electricity bill was £350 max over the winter period. There was often up to 7 of us living in the place at one time.


Mate i feel your pain, been there both with electricity and Phone bills, the phone bills where so bad that in the end in my office in Central London BT gave me free phones for 2 years!!! The electricity was a faulty meter, took us months to sort it out and all kinds of experts!!! They even threatened at one stage that i needed to start paying, i was insistent i would not, you need to make sure you communicate with someone in Managerial position all the time, as the phone helpers are just not any help at all!!

I guess I’m just going to have to keep on resisting this. There’s a solicitor who owes me a favour, I might ask if she can write them a letter so they can sort their act out.

You said you’d used 1099 units over about 68 days at the start of the year, a quarter is about 91 days so…

1099/68 = 16.16

16.16*91 = 1470 units per quarter - probably knock off a bit considering your sample was taken in the coldest, darkest part of the year.

If they don’t have any other information, that’s surely the only reasonable way to estimate it

wtf 12K worth of electricity that seems abit high , have you checked to see if your nexdoor lot aint tapped itn oyour electrics for abit of hermal growing ? my house bill dont even come up that much for 3 people in a 3 bedroom house, something is deffo wrong mate.

I wrote them a letter about the matter, remember it’s been five months now too:


Forgive the rough nature of this preliminary email asI do not have all the information to hand on my person presently. Yourorganisation has been harassing me and causing me levels of untold sickness,stress, aggravation and worry.

You wrongly billed me for the property blah blah where I lived a sum of £12,226, you said this was based on a 316units -per day! That’s a kettle boiled 6,320times - enough to make 1390.2gallons of tea!!! - A DAY!

Regrettably your company was not able to comprehendthe lunacy of this type of bill for some time I received several more letter,including a letter that was wrongly address to one of my neighbours.

I have now heard from my house-mate whom I shared withat the time that you are now perusing us for a bill with another degree oflunacy to it.

Thebottom-line is that I am sick of your company harassing me for fantasy figuresyou have no proven way of showing your meter-reading or energyusage. I cannot endure any more stress and frustration from your companytherefore I am going to press for an legal harassment case against your organisation. In my line of work I encounter a lot of people with ongoing legal issuesand won the favour of some of the top solicitors in London through my goodpartnership work. I shall be consulting a number of lawyers at some ofthe top legal practices in the city to see whom would be best to take on mycase and sue your organisation this level of harassment.

Mysuggestion is that you personally get your house in order, show me some figuresand facts and how you’ve drawn up these absolutely ludicrous bills that you’vebeen bombarding me with. Show me your unit measures, show me why thebills previously were estimated at completely different values. We’retalking about a 2 bedroom flat that was occupied infrequently by 3 people atdifferent times of the day.

Stephen,I am very sick of this matter and very angry at you personally for not dealingwith this matter sooner. I suggest we do not go into the motions of dog chasingit’s own tail again and get to the bottom line of this matter, I’ve had to putup with five months of this utter nonsense and I will endure nomore.

Ihope you can get back to me as soon as possible regarding this matter, in themeantime I shall be in consultation on pursuing legal advice.



For some reason in the cutting and pasting it buggered up the spacing, tis a strange website I tells thee.


Basically I’m fucked now because this is a bill between 3 people and according to the sly ****** I spoke to at npower he has a recording of one of my mates saying “yes we will pay the bill”, apparently this is legally binding? I’m so furious!


They were fined in October 2011 2million for their poor handling of customer services and have an absolutely chequered history of swindling people out of money!!!

Haven’t you all moved house? If you haven’t just move and leave no forwarding address.

I had a look on the internet and a verbal agreement can sometimes be legally binding, but not in all cases. It can be challenged.

If I were you I would not communicate directly with the company any further, but contact one of your solicitor friends that you mentioned who has offered to assist. Then get them to write a letter to the company, after having analysed all the information.

sh*t I just noticed we switched to npower a while ago … how to get out…