£12,226 electric bill lunacy!

I recently got an electricity bill for the last quarter for £12,226 (2 bed flat, 3 people). I assumed it was a mistake so I just put it aside, my mate said he’d had one before like that and it was corrected within a few days.

I then received another letter again recently which went to my neighbour’s address (bizzare) and had the wrong date on it (admin errors?). I phoned them up to see what on earth was going and they told me to take a meter reading so I could dispute such a gross claim. I took the meter reading and bizarrely it matched the one quoted to me over the phone, I called them up again today regarding the matter. The don’t seem believe that it’s impossible for me to use that much electric! What do they think I’m doing? Reanimating corpses in some Frankenstein styled experiments?

For those not in the know £12,226’s worth of electric is 316units - per day! That’s a kettle boiled 6,320times - enough to make 1390.2 gallons of tea!!! - A DAY!

They said “they’ll look into it” , the meter is not buggered, we’re not using that much electric, they just must have read it wrong to begin with. What’s worrying is that they’re not just overturning it right away or seemingly that bothered with it. The woman even said to me today “When we get back to you we’ll discuss a repayment plan.” I said I’m not paying you back a single penny until I’m absolutely sure what you’re quoting me is accurate. I can’t believe they’re having to investigate this matter. It’s utter nonsense. :ermm:

Is Guy Martin living with you?

I’m sure he would struggle to drink 27,359 cups of tea a day… :ermm: Or would he?

Could someone be ‘stealing’ your electric?

What was the last meter reading prior to this one? Whats the difference?

Take a daily reading.

I had something similar when I moved into a flat years ago. The previous occupants had “moved” to another company but didn’t do it properly and then paid no electricity bill for 18 months. When I moved in they tried to stick me for the lot.

Took two months of arguing and legal threats to deal with it. Landlord and letting agents of course had no interest, well until they got the bill and not me.

Sure you’re not cultivating a crop at home?:smiley:

Now that is possible, a nearby cannabis farm? I hear they use a lot of light and power and stealing lecky to avoid detection for as long as possible would not be unthinkable.

The last meter reading was done in april 2011 apparently, it apparently read 41,000. The metre reading from jan says it was 25932. The metre reading today says 27,031. So it means I’ve used 1099 units since 11/01/2012, which is probably about right. I don’t understand where they’ve got this metre reading of 41,000 from in April. There’s 5 meters down in the pantry, but none of them could be near 41,000 , they all read something like 31,000, 21,000, ect. Nothing marries up their weird quote. It must be an error.

Even a cannabis farm wouldn’t use that much, it’d have to be a warehouse of an operation. I live in a flat in kings cross, there’s no way of growing that kind of stuff nearby. It’s 316,000watts of electricity a day.

Has there been a meter exchange? Do the serial numbers match?

just pay man :))))

Sounds easy to resolve as you have all the numbers.

April 2011 - 41000
Jan 2012 - 25932
Mar 2012 - 27031

Name and shame the elec company pls!

Npower are the company. They’re due to call me back this afternoon. There’s no physical possible way of drawing that much energy from the grid for one flat, it’d cause the place to burst into flames.

You have 13K just lying about? In that case, I need a new bike… :smiley:

We had this 2 years back with Eon…they tried to stick us for just over 3,000 but after lots of phonecalls and visits to citezans advice they sent us a corrected bill for 1,450 :crazy: anyway we opted for a key meter and pay a set amount back off every top up…again they’ve mucked up and instead of taking set amount back from every top up the stoopid [email protected] take the whole top up!:smiley: which suits me cos it’ll be paid up quicker lol…never ever trust the electric/gas companys…[email protected]@rds the lot of em.

Remember to remind them on the telephone that British Gas was recently sued for harassment for chasing debts that were not owed!

Nobody to suspect Kings is being used as a dope farm, 316,000 per day is a lot of dope. man wheres the sniffer dog when you need one :frowning:

forget the bike— 13k might be enough to re insure you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sounds like you got St Pancras Station elec bill:w00t:

They can’t sort it out til the 3rd of april ? When I asked why they “it has to be sorted out manually” ??? Do they analyse output over the year? Count the electrons?
It’s obvious someone’s just mis-read the meter, can’t they just do another reading calculate the usage based on an average then just move on??

Biggest joke is on the letter they say “in the past it was only about 0 units a day” :crazy: Arrrrggghh, it has blatant admin error all over it, why can’t they just see sense!

I asked them if the bill was from the Caribbean, the woman enquired what on earth i was on about, I said because Jamaican me crazy!