1198s v (new) Norton

Thinking of trading the 1198s for a new Norton 961.

Hmmm. That’s difficult.

The Nortons sure look good and everything I read in the (English) magazines seems to equate to “looks good/is good” and I hope that is the case. They’ve surely put in enough effort and fought enough battles.

Only time will tell if it’s the bike of the decade or a crock.

Bottom line. If you love it, just do it. You only regret the things you didn’t do later.

hi and welcome,

if your not doing trackdays at GP circuits id take the norton…

personally im totally in love with the new nortons! :slight_smile:

thats a hell of a change!

no question for me, loved the 1198s when i test rode it. couldn’t justify it but still want it.

i love the new norton, it such a beautiful bike…:slight_smile:

Is the new 961 the cafe racer style of Norton?