1198 fire and rescue!

At Abergavenny tea hut yesterday.


rear tyre looks a tad squared off though!

We were there yesterday but missed this one !

He/we was there about lunchtime. He was promoting the “Biker down” first aid scheme.

I’m all for promoting biker safety but why do they need a ducati to do that! Someone has some skills in pursauding the boss I think haha

The guy was saying he’d rather have had the BMW S1000rr but he didnt get a choice! :w00t:

Do they use a Ducati because they’ll know it catch fire sometime? :smiley:

My taxes are still getting used well… Nice to know.


Ride Out Ride Right

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service has now launched Ride Out, Ride Right to help keep motorcyclists safe on the roads. If you’re interested in taking part in our Free ObservationRides then please read on.You will be met by one of our three team riders at a pre arranged meeting point.You will ride to a Fire Station at either, Abergavenny, Usk, Merthyr or Maesteg where you will be given a short presentation over a beverage.The presentation includes Observation, Hazards and the Principals of cornering.Following the presentation you will then go out for an observation ride which will last for approximately an hour. At the end of the ride you will be asked for your feedback and thoughts on the ride.What we would like you to get out of this, is to consider further training through recognised bodies i.e.: - Bike Safe, ROSPA, IAM, MAG etc………but most of all we want you to enjoy your riding and stay safe on our roads.Ride Out Ride Right is an intelligence led programme based on statistics gathered from Partnership Agencies and Local Goverment.Considerable market research was carried out by the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service Road Safety Team with regards to the type of bike that would generate interest, and the Ducati 1198 was the bike that came back with the WOW factor to break down barriers and allow for engagement.We are looking to encourage riders to enhance their riding skills but under no circumstances will training or assessments be given, observations may be given if requested and rider hazard awareness will be raised by identifying hazards on set pre-planned routes. The idea behind the programme being to encourage riders on to the Bike Safe Programme, Rospa and IAM.

Like the Police use around that area.

Ahem… I’m sure this was black at the weekend!!! :ermm:

Actually, we stopped for a coffee just outside Capel Bangor & the landlady kindly advised us to be careful going through the town as an unmarked grey volvo would happily nick anyone going 33mph.
We went a diferent way :wink:

Yes it was under cover. :slight_smile: