116k Miles on a VFR800


Pulled up at the lights tonight next to a chap and I could see he had over 116,000 miles on his 2003 VFR800. Cracking effort, so I made sure to congratulate him

Bikes too noisy, lights red for too short to have a good chat - but he said he was getting rid due to ULEZ

On the off chance that he is a member of this forum, or anyone knows of a fabled black vfr with intergalactic miles please get him to double check this. I think the vtec vfr800 is known to be fine now, and Honda is giving the compliance certificates out gratis

It didn’t half move as well. Always fancied one but valve clearance intervals and complexity and fuel economy would have given me nightmares. Just bought a VFR1200 for the weekends though so happy days :slight_smile:

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Mine’s done 60k with minimal servicing in it’s life and will still hit 140mph on the clocks. Brilliant machines.



Always loved the sound of them. Seen one or two in my time with aftermarket exhausts. Music.

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