£115m paid in speed camera fines


Does anyone think that speed cameras do anything more than generate revenue for the camera partnerships?

they are only there to get money, if they wanted to reduce speeding they would send more police cars out!,

£115 million…that is about £2 for every person in the UK.

I wonder if each of us were to offer them a fiver, would they be willing to pack up their cameras and go away?

how long have speed camera’s been around?? 10 years??

if so that is £1150000000 taken off us in the past 10 years!!

Imagine how much more relaxed and safer your next ride would be if you did not have to be on the constant look-out for those dirty yellow boxes at the sides of the roadway.

Thing is its not just the speeding fine itself. its the continual mark on your license even if they expire in 3 years, insurance co. still ask have you had any in the last 5 years

No, I haven’t received any in the past 5 years. Apparently my number plate does not photograph well.