11 year old Jordan wannabe


I think comments like

“they are just jealous because they have fat kids and cannot do anything with them”

is well below the belt, I’m sorry my 6 year old is georgous and is not fat by any means, but there is no way in hell at 11 I would be letting her dress like that…

And surely the mother should be pushing for her daughter to use her brain not her body to make money!!!

A trainee whoooaaarrree; in support of my voting - “Ive got nothing useful to say and am going to post cr4p here anyway”

This thread is too much like an episode of Trisha, my spine shivers in fear…

No - its disgusting and the mother should be put down
No - it encourages adult treatment of the child which it cant handle

Personally I think this sort of thing should be banned. It is absolutely disgusting, and it’s not as if kids these have much of a childhood anyway. Stop the parents pushing there failed dreams and insecurity on the children. That mother needs the some carefully applied violence, and a few choice words.:angry:

she will be a single mum by 15-16, sponging off the goverment no doubt…

no problem with single mums, i was bought up by one! we never sponged tho. mum worked hard.

fuking ridiculous…how old…11!..

Huh so much for Jordan being a good role model!:w00t: if my 11 year old carried on like that…bleaching her hair(no way at that age) and having her nails done every week and wearing boobtube dresses…then we wonder why the worlds full of peado’s the parents want a slap if you ask me.

I thought this was going to be about an 11 year old that wanted to follow in Eddie Jordan’s footsteps;)

There’s no accounting for taste.
Jordan is a role model, albeit not one we aspire to.
However, having met her, I think a lot of people here are a bit out of order slagging off someone they don’t know… she may have as equally low an opinion of “bikers”.

Who’s taste is right and who’s is wrong?

As far as a child wanting to be like Jordan, we can only really blame ourselves. We’re a nation obsessed with sex, its used to sell everything, and young women are continually photographed with their tits hanging out… whose fault is it that a young girl wants to be as famous and as wealthy as Jordan if it isn’t ours… ?

Are they serious!!!

That’s the problem; most people have not met her so their knowledge of her is of some over-made-up, prefabricated, opportunistic; footballer hunter. Who happens to know how to make a penny or two from exploitation. Wonder what aspirations, Mermaids and Pirates; or Perfect Ponies give to children?

Wouldn’t happen under Sharia, Halakha or Canon Law…


There’s a huge difference between an 11 year old borrowing her Mum’s shoes & make up to dress up in for fun and dressing provocatively in tight clothing at such a young age. The girl’s Mum needs a good talking to as she’s denying her kid a childhood.

I was climbing trees at the age of 11 and rolling around in mud, let alone wearing make up!

can I slag off Jordan having met her ?

I think its mad to say to say not having met her you cant form an opinion, there has been enough shows on her where she speaks her own mind for people to have a good idea what she’s about

and having met her…yes she is an idiot

That’s the truth. Our opinions of these people is mostly made up from what the editor of the Sun or the Daily Mail thinks will sell his paper…

Fair point well made, but how can you fault a woman who has fought off years of hate mail, tabloid scandal and nay-sayers like the snobbish Middle Class that looks down on a woman who gets her tits out for a living, when many oif those snobbish middle class twits yearn for the millions she has successfully earned on her own merit, and also funnily enough enjoy looking at her boobs whilst holding such snobbish opinions about “people like her”

If you’ve met and thought she was an idiot, fair play, I met her and didn’t think so.

You can’t knock a woman for being successful, for outdated sexist views that “we can all look at her tits, but shame on any woman that actually gets them out”… that’s just hypocritical.

ive met jordon while i was doing security…she was at Lakeside shopping center and i had the pleasure of escorting her…funny girl…right on the button…with a noggin on her shoulders…

as for the eleven year old…mabee she’s developed a sense of self worth at an early age…thats a good thing…as the 11 year olds in catford wear jeans too big for them and think they’re in Compton…~LA…pathetic…

i say go girl…she’ll aspire to be more than what these lame twats round here will ever be…i wish her luck…:).


Why can`t children be children, they have plenty of time for that sort of stuff when they are older.