11 psi

Went out for the first time on monday eve since my trackday over a month ago. Its been docs orders to rest but lately I been feeling worse and worse. Decided myself that i was just missing the buzz of my baby so took her for a spin to the local bike meet (first time this year). Luckly I got stuck behind and unmarked police car for the fast bit of my journey and when I did go for an overtake it almost felt like the bike was going to highside crossing the white line!!! Guessed it was tyres so pulled over, I could press the rear tyre down with my little finger!!! Went to a garage and found 11psi in the rear!

Stoopid bloody mistake I made there, ok I DID put tyres back up to road pressure at Cadwell before riding home but I don’t check pressures before every ride. I had a good look while it was on a paddock stand and no signs of a pucture so it must be a valve problem or can they just go down that much over 4 weeks???

Fairly new tyres however that have now done 3 trackdays (girlie riding, no GP rider on these diablos)

Damn folks, check ya pressures, simple but possibly life saving (now your all going to tell me you already do)

They shouldnt go down that fast in that space of time. Most tyres I have had only lose about 2-4psi in that time.

Oh no Carla,

glad you got it before something happened…


What a knob I am eh can only put it down to a damaged valve due to my very excessive speeds on the track LMAO

Must get it checked out next week if its gone down again, Hopefully by then my “other” bike will be home from the garage so will have to introduce you all

Easy way to check a dodgy valve is get some water or a litle bit of spit on your finger and rub it over the top of the valve. If you see bubbles then its leaking.

Some new tyres just refuse to seal properly it happens from time to time.

Just done that and no bubbles I spat all I could spit and wiggled the valve and nothing apart from a clean patch on my wheel now LOL

I’ll just put it down to the hot air that I filled it with at cadwell has cooled down and deflated the tyre

Oho, I hope you are OK?

close one mate - glad it sorted - tyres are a right pain in the arse.


I would also add that you must never ride a bike without a dustcap. As if the valve is faulty the air will be released quickly making controlling the bike that much more difficult. A simple dust cap will severely slow down the loss of pressure, giving you a better chance of catching it in time.
Lucky escape for you.

Carla, carla carla !!! Of COURSE we all check our tyres…dont we?.. But seriously, im surprised you didnt feel it soon as you started riding? You are so lucky nothing serious happened, im so glad nothing like my “off” happened to little ol you?..(now be a good girl and check every effing thing, for momma ok?)

Are you able to make Flatouts ride to hastings Sat?..hope this damn weather holds out…im sick as a pig me…had all this time off work, ok getting over the injuries etc…BUT last week i collect my nice looking bikey again…and been out on it ONCE !!

Either everyone is at work so no one to go out and play with…OR its rained and ive just got back under the covers and said sod it !!!

Was gonna go cubanas tonight and got something in my eye tues night that decided to make my eye stream all night long, sore as hell, then in the morning, swollen so i cant see out of it, by the evening not 100% so didnt even go there !!! So im a wee bit peed off, cos back at work Mon…and looks like ive missed all the good weather too !!

i did feel it earlier but just put it down to not being on my bike recently and forgetting what it felt like although i did say to myself it felt more stable than this on the track! Suppose I was just being a twat and needed to confirm it after I’d had a little blat when the police dissapeared… like I said, I haven’t been thinking straight recently

Hehe 11psi ! If it’s not over inflated it’s under… LoL

Glad you still remember how to ride.

The tyre should not have gone down that much in that short space of time. What you need to remember though, is that its now cooler weather, that will affect the tyre pressures. Suggest you keep a daily watch on it for a few days to ascertain how much it is actually losing. It may be that there was a little bit of dirt in the valve allowing a leak. As B says, use dust caps, metal ones are better than the plastic ones.


I can beat your 11psi … last couple of days bike has been feeling a bit funny and tonight I went up to Frith to meet Shane for a cuppa after he finished work. On the way I knew that it just didn’t feel right and for some reason I was convinced it was the front tyre.

At Frith there was a female copper with her bike who as I pulled up told me to have a look at my back tyre, it was right soft to the touch (major muppet I am for not checking it myself )

Had a coffee with Shane and then went into the BP on the way home … 10 psi in it !!! Shane came with me and followed me to the BP, thanks mate, appreciated.

Bloody thing, will check it tomorrow when I get up and if it’s lost a load more then it’s off to the tyre shop. No nails or anything else sticking out of it so god knows what happened to the bloody thing. Just thankful that I didn’t have an off due to my own stupidity in not checking for over a month.

So for anyoe else, as LMRR said … check your tyres. My lesson has been learnt !!!

what is it with punctures lately…plugged my son in laws zx12 yesterday and then i plugged some guy at the ace cos s.o.s didnt have any…10 psi is good…wait till it comes off the rim on a zx12 on the A3…scary… waste of a clean pair of undies i can tell you…

DAMN!!! Just looked again and soft to the tough, took bike carefully to the garage and 11psi again!!! GRRRR

This time I looked properly and found the smallest tac in the world in the middle of my tyre letting out air. I must have mistaken it for a bit of road dust it was soooo bloody small

Thats another £110 on a new trye then.

Or can I get it plugged and still do trackdays on it?

Just had mine in … new tyre and £112 lighter in the wallet

yeah but who will plug a tyre? The place that fitted it won’t

what area are you in?

i’ve done track days with plugs - they’re fine. should cost you about 20-25 quid for one. they’ll do it as long as its at least an inch in, and more than 6 inches from another plug. normally can only put two in a tyre (garages wont do it after that)