11 degrees and dry ... Ace anyone?

So, after all stuffing of turkey, all the turkey stuffing, drinking and general debauchery … anyone fancy going for a blast up the Ace?

The forecast for London is looking good for today, and I’ve been itching to go for a ride. Gonna take Ye Olde Blade up the Ace this afternoon. If you fancy doing the same, maybe I’ll se you up there?! Should get there about 2pm.

Who’s in?


popped up there yesterday, few peeps about stuc in wor now!..yes…work!

Roads were pretty clean and dry. Temperature was just right. Big grin was on face. Excellent ride. Great to get out. Mission accomplished! :D:D

Shame I just missed Terry, who had just left. Ah well, next time!

i had a good ride yesterday, roads were so much better than of late, felt warm, same today, summer gloves are working ok in this weather, no pink fingers yet! :smiley: felt good to me too to get out and on teh bike! was there many up ace?

Not really, but there didn’t need to be. It was just great to get out on the bike.

thats what i thought yesterday, was a nice day:D