1098 Dyno Run

Very powerful V-Twin mate


How much do you want one?


I saw the 1098 yesterday a beautiful bike, some of the detail i have issues with like its rear end and the cheap looking screen but an after market Ducati performance screen and a pair of shortened cans will help.


Embed the video guys!

Great video, but why does the operator make such exaggerated wrist movements on the throttle? You can clutchless upshift far, far smoother than that. That’s not for a power reading anyhow, you’d do that in a single gear, not through the box.

22bhp lost through the drive system, that’s quite a fair bit, though I’m amazed at the 91 ft/lb of torque figure, that’s more than my Stage-1 tuned gixxer thou. I wonder how much more they can get from a stage-1 tune? I.E full Teminogi system, air-filter, higher quality spark plugs, fully-synth oil, power-commander, custom-map etc.

They look like factory race pipes. The standard ones look like a brushed titanium colour.

No, that’s the standard ‘S’ model pipes. The base model comes with brushed silencers as you say. The full Terminogi system is considerably nicer, and has a very substantial price tag, naturally.

Ducati quote 160BHP, this is showing 148 at the wheel, we can therefore deduce that maths isn’t really your strong point is it ? !!

its a nice bike for shure but lets face it ducati have taken the v twin to such a high state of tune whens it going to blow up?

fine if you going to keep it indoors and polish it…

Like PB’s long term test 999… Blew up and needed full rebuild after 6000 miles of the kind of riding we do…

dont get me wrong i LOVE the bike.

Id just rather buy a jap thou and spend 5 grand tricking it out…

but i spoze your not just buying a bike when you get a duc you buying into a “brand” image…

I love the way its trying to chuck him off!

Its strapped down and he’s struggling to stay on it


Pat, manufacturers qoute internal power figures, not rear-wheel like magazines and the rest of us do. You lose about 15% power from the engine to the wheel, which makes Ducati’s claim actually much nearer the mark than I’d normally give them credit for.

Metropolis just rang me up and said the bike’s in the showroom on Saturday and would I like to come down and see it. Yes, I would, thanks!

I’m off to MotoRapido on Saturday! They’re preparing my race bike for the 2007 season. Looking forward to seeing the 1098 in the flesh as well.

If you’re into the 1098, you should have a read of the first few real world reviews over on the Ducati Sporting Club website:


Damn no bike at the mo. Will have to wait until it comes to Metropolis.

I’m well familiar with manufacturers claimed crank BHP & actual RWBHP figures, but based on your maths “a 22BHP power loss” on a bike showing 148BHP at the rear wheel would mean it was actually producing 170BHP at the crank (148 + 22 = 170), which would in turn mean Ducati are actually claiming 10BHP LESS than it was producing…

Power loss on bike transmissions is closer to 10% than 15% (except BMWs, Guzzis etc. using shaft drive) which would make the crank figure around 164BHP, which leads me to suspect that this may not be your straight off the production line un-tinkered with bike.

Unless of course Ducati are indulging in the early 90s jap habit of deliberately understating how much power their engines were producing…

By ‘see it’ do they mean ‘see what it looks like in the flesh’, or ‘see what it rides like on the road’ ?

Not sure about Metropolis, but MotoRapido have let me know that they only have one 1098 at this stage. Therefore no test rides yet - if the bike’s out for test rides then there’s nothing in the showroom to drool over.

I have been told that when I collect my bikes in a couple of weeks to get there early and take it for a spin! :slight_smile:

Here’s some interesting dyno charts - a standard 1098 versus a standard GSXR K6:


Looking at the stats, some thoughts entered my head. Per revs, the 1098 trances the GSX for BHP, until max revs reached. However, depending on gearing, the 1098 would change gear sooner and be in power band earlier?

Torque combined with bhp will give the 1098 phenominal in gear punch.

Am I right or wrong in my assumption that this bike is awsome?

That sure does look awesome, but I’m surprised at just how rough the Ducati’s curves are. Clearly they’ve made compromises around the 5k rpm range to get through emissions tests which accounts for a fair bit of the rough, but still, it’s a bit sloppy, especially the torque curve. The cost of tuning the Ducati would be significant, compared to a GSXR.

I don’t know much about how tuning works for Ducati, but I understand that Ducati give you a suitable chip with their full-system exhausts (+ hi-flow filter), but that can’t be the best option for fuel remapping, can it? Surely a Power Commander + custom map route is better? That’d be a lot of wonga. £1500-2000 for the exhaust kit, then £400 for the PC + custom map. For what return?

For ~£800, I got a 10bhp increase in power (I forget the torque increase, but kicks out 84 ft/lb’s now. Assuming the Ducati upgrade would realise about the same performance increase, then that’s more than double the cost for the same tune.

Heh, not that cost is really a major concern if you’re going down this route anyhow.

Didn’t realise a stock GSXR 1K puts out 161 RWBHP…That’s impressive…Suzuki do make great engines.

A question…With bore size being equal…Is it cheaper to develop a V twin engine designed to run reliably in a very high state of tune to compete with 4 cylinder rivals, than it is to develop a relatively untuned V4 that would provide similar power levels to inline 4s but should offer better torque figures?

Why are V4 bikes so rare when it is possibly the best configuration? Is it just cost of manufacture?

Yes, you can buy aftermarket Ducati Performance ECUs, or you can even modify the existing ECU on many injected Ducati bikes. Some of the older fuel injected bikes don’t have mappable ECUs though. Shouldn’t be a problem with 1098 :slight_smile:

Altering the exhaust (let’s say just new end cans) or airbox (K&N or Pipercross filter perhaps) should go hand in hand with altering the ECU mapping where possible. A new DP ECU is an expensive route, and unless you’ve very deep pockets or intend to race (where deep pockets are mandatory) then remapping the existing ECU is usually sufficient. Then again, if you’ve gone to the expence of a full Termi system, the DP ECU is there to be used. I don’t know how the whole ECU thing works on Japanese bikes, so sorry if I’m talking out my butt.

However, my understanding is that the DP ECU is for modifying ignition mapping, whereas the PCIII will modify your fuel mapping.

Here’s a thread discussing the relevant merits of each: