100th TT in the Isle of Man 2007

Just to let you guys know that they are now taking bookings for the 2007 TT. Its booking up fast and if you think you might like to go next year log onto www.tt2007.com.

Its an amazing festival right on our doorstep and one well worth going to.

Interesting, I went in 2004 and had a riot of a time. Floyd lives out on the IOM and should be covering this years event for us. Could well be interested in next years one. Who knows how long the event could go on for with it’s disastrous saftey record.

P.S good to see you online again Roger.

I went to this for seven years on the trot, great time nothing quite like it, even down to sharing a pint with the late great Dave Jefferies in the pub

Unfortuneatly they screwed us over when they cancelled the racing in 2001 for the foot & mouth, although we had event insurance (package deal) they would only give a £300 refund (£1800 cost) as they were having a “bike fest” instead, not exactly what we had booked for.

I haven’t been back since, and don’t intend to.

Cheers Mark.

Went to the GP last year and thoroughly enjoyed that. There were rumours abound last year that 2007 would be the last TT/Manx GP ever… quite how true this is I don’t know…

Jay, am actually here at present. Six days in the island loads of sun and 6 am rides on the course. For people who havent done it they havent lived !!!

(Unfortunately I left my camera behind)

If you want to go then you’d better get moving - saw this mail a couple of days ago on another bike list I’m on :

Guys, FYI, I just tried booking the SeaCat ferry to/from IoM for 2007 TT
…(for a van with 2 bikes in it) and got what I was told was the last
slot…and that was 4th-8th June 2007 which misses mad sunday and some
racing. Then spent all morning trying to find accommodation and all hotels
full…so camping it will probably have to be.

The only options (Sea Cat fast ferry anyway) was for a bike on 30th May and
back 12th June - too long for me…

Might go to that meself. feck it 100th anniversary and all that.