1000cc Showdown @ Boxhill

Hi there, Ben from Visordown here.
TWO magazine are preparing for round two of their Street Wars feature, pitching GSX-R1000 owners against ZX-10R owners to see which bike has the more manly or girly riders.
The event will take place at Box Hill on Saturday September the 1st, and TWO needs your help. If you have a GSX-R1000 or ZX-10R (any model), fancy being in the magazine with your bike and can make it to Box Hill on that date drop Jon an email to [email protected] with your name, bike details and a contact number.
If you can turn up on the day, you’ll get your mug in the mag - ensuring untold amounts of fame and glory - and Jon may even buy you a cuppa and Rykas dog-burger!
Feel free to pass this onto your mates if they ride a ZX-10R or GSX-R1000.
Thanks in advance,

Could’nt you find enough motorcylists on visordown then? lol.

Could ya recommend me a plasma tv?

I’m not Ben (Just copied off another site fyi.)

Guess it depends if you count yourself as ‘the most manly/girly’ or not! My bike’s more macho than me.

Thanks for the heads up, will avoid Boxhill like the plague that day.

What does this say about R1 jockeys then?

Lol, wot he said.

That they’re hermaphrodites ?

go for the girly title, i reckon you might get it…

You might want to edit that post once you see some of your posing for the camera at Donny

Post it up then, some of us could do with a giraffe.