1000 Things not to say right after sex !

My mates will never believe this…

Do you always do it like that…

Wow, you were as good as they said…

Thanks, I’m off for a beer…

Nice gag reflex!

Can’t really remember the moment too well, but I think…

“Is that the time already…?”

I’ve had better!!!

Oh, don’t say that, honey!

Hahaha! Is it getting personal?

wake me up when ur finished…

its not my fault you cant keep up…

sex is a race to orgasm and iv never been beat…

not sure bout you love, but i was amazing!

What do you mean you forgot the pill…?

though you said you never had kids??? didnt feel like it

fart and give me a clue

think i’m gona be sick

crap it split

someone needs a shave

Coorr that smells like fish lol

dont look down

Oooops… Not directed at you Lover!!! It’s all good!!

Quote from one of my fav films… Liar Liar…

  • There’s the baby wipes, i’m going for a fag!

  • S*"T, My wife’s home!

  • That was quite nice, but i’ve had better!

  • TAXI !!

  • How much do i owe you?

And my personal favourite:-