100% Waterproofs?? Suggestions welcome! :-)

Hi everyone!

Last Monday it pissed down and I got soaked through in 2 mins… with waterproof gear. Any suggestions on better gear that is actually waterproof? Currently have RST razor jacket and jeans.


cling film works well

Rukka, apparently. Is your stuff old? If so, wash and re-proof with Nikwax

Done this many times… :slight_smile:

i have same problem.will try that alex

No stuff isnt old, about a year.

That counts as old for a fabric proofing layer

I do mine at the start and sometimes middle of the rainy season but at least once a year

Ok, worth a try then. Thanks!

halfords 2 piece mechanics rain coat. works like da bomb. £15



This the stuff?

I have a Spada oversuit that works very well. I’ve got the over boots and over gloves too which are good for a monsoon and it all fits in a tail pack.

As Alex noted Nikwax will restore textiles to waterproof. When you wash in Nikwax be careful the first time back on the bike because your bum will slide all over the seat.

Spada cheap as chips incontinence suit.:blush:

Bikers Suzuka Gore-tex jacket. Went through the worst rain I have ever seen, on land or sea, last Tuesday - and I was perfectly dry and warm and toasty inside. Expensive for a leather jacket (and I ended up paying full RRP for it) but damn am I happy with it.


These two


I found the litre bottles on sale at sportsdirect of all places, 7 or 8 quid I think

I have the older style version of this (is probably 5 years old now!) and still, even when it properly chucks it down I am bone dry… really rate Spidi H20 out stuff, so will probably get similar again as I want something a bit more modern looking


I fecking told you, dont ignore me.:angry:

this is really strange?!?!? :crazy::Whistling:

You want strange? Yer in the right place.:slight_smile:


Thanks for all your help. Much appreciated!

Jetstream (14/09/2011)

You want strange? Yer in the right place.:slight_smile: