100 RLJs

Excellent - this was something I was planning to do myself - so sick am I of the appalling way these idiots ride - keep it up and get to a thousand then present your video to TFL.

It was worth sitting through the 100 to see the look on the face of the last cyclist as the motorcycle cop clocked him.

I’ve never understood why motorcycle cops don’t carry tazers.

Slightly off topic, but good to see you setting a positive example with regards to stopping before the cycle boxes. Despite an awareness campaign, I still countless motorcycles and scooters whizzing ahead of me to the front of the box. Oh well, I’m sure 3 points on their licence and a fine will soon act as an appropriate behaviour modifier.

I do respect “the box” whenever I can, however I do believe it should be for both cyclists and motorcycles. There is a number of reasons some of which benefit bikers some cyclists.
From biker’s POV (see what I have done here? :wink: ) when you filter it is much safer to rejoin stopped traffic at the box because you do not have to negotiate it. Even though drivers do know they should let us in safely to many of them feel we “cheat” and will close the gap or drive dangerously close to make a point.
It would also allow motorcycles to pull off without overtaking cyclists - and that is good for both parties.
From cyclist’s POV when they filter and there is a bike that stopped before the box it often means that they have to stop behind them and never make it to the ASL. Or sometimes if a bike is stopped on the right hand side of the cars it means that they have to go around the bike - exposing themselves to oncoming traffic and faster overtaking vehicles.

So thank you for your comment but I am not an advocate for “ASL 4 cyclist only”. I am for mutual respect and caring about each others safety.