£100.00 or my fking cat gets it..!!!!!

Please excuse the quality of the iphone pic…


paypal: [email protected]


Smiled you are a bad, bad, very bad man.

+1 … would have been funny to see you cram the dog into the oven, try that next!

Thats his kitchen aswell.

Smiled you ledge! lol

Im not paying…

Cat milkshake, now i would pay for that :smiley:

my dog says he’ll give you £20 worth of biscuits if you turn the blender on

I am going to get back to this thread at 10 pm tomorrow.

dont forget to hold the lid down or kitty will be on yer ceiling.

You very naughty man.

Im serious guys…lil ‘sparky’ is gonna be toast in 24 hours…i need this money soi can buy a new stormtrooper costume for a charity event so you bastards need to cough up!!!..i mean it…its not that hard to throw the switch…

hes laying on my pillow at the moment…completley un-aware what could happen tomorrow evening…please dont let him suffer…give me some cash!!!


Show us a blended paw to show you are serious:w00t:

as you asked funnyman/woman…ohh and the price has just gone up…‘sparky’ was fine untill you piped up…


Do it :smiley: i frickin’ hate cats :slight_smile:

OK. Enough of this.

This RSPCA officer is on his way to your house RIGHT NOW!:w00t:

Pert :wink:

this could be a CATastrophe !! :Whistling:

smiled Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you aint got a hope of a penny.

The last time someone tried this stunt on this forum, two or three years ago, all they got was encouragement to off the cat.

Looks like things aint changed that much.

You’ll have me to answer to!!!

The ultimate indignity for a cat, to end their days as a mousse… :hehe:

Dosen’t bother me either as i don’t like cats

I hope he pees on your pillow! :smiley:

Have you been watching those “will it blend” clips online?? I’m pretty sure they’ve never done a cat before!!

Poor kitty cat, touch that button Shane and I’ll put you in a blender!! :w00t: