10 years of road casualties mapped...

Interesting stuff…fewer motorcyclists than I would have guessed:


Really interesting! Might show some people that :slight_smile:

Thats 1 person dead every 3 hours and 1 person injured every 2 mins for 10 years on average.

What classifies as a serious accident because it looks like they have made my accident last August as a serious accident so im a little confused :ermm:

I’m on there! :w00t: I’ve got my own little orange triangle for serious injury in the exact spot where I was knocked off in 08 and got a compound fracture! It’s out in the burbs in a fairly obscure spot so it must be me! :smiley:

im suprised there are not more bikes on there.

20% of them are from the BCR!

lolz :smiley:

It’s all a blur …

So many accidents at the junction where a BMW wrote off my Bonne it’s impossible to see what’s what.

That was at Chingford Road Walthamstow junction with Rushcroft Road

It’s wrong. My accident is not there.

mine’s missing too…

Depends on how it is reported.

When I requested the police report of my accident in 2008 they responded that there was no such report. Despite that I have seen a hard copy of the report, but officially there is nothing.

it’s understandable why there aren’t many 2-wheelers there, coz compared to cars there are not a lot of us. what gets me is the amount of pedestrians that were hurt, that’s unbeliavable amount? were they all drunk or blind? as a pedestrian i feel the safest and never had any near misses

they must’ve counted all the London’s drive by shoot outs :smiley:

My accident spot in 2008 is marked but can’t see the one that happened last year when i took a tourist out…he might be marked there but I’m not :stuck_out_tongue: