10.2.13 Biggles rides forth.

UPDATE Now 10.00 am departure due to delays at Heathrow.

A rideout for the Biggles generation.

Looking for an Algie, Bertie and Ginger to accompany on untold adventures.

No nobbers, Nazis, fifth columnists, scoundrels, bounders or cads.

A ride to recreate the romance and adventure of W.E. Johns.

Chocks away from the Ace at 9.30am. 10.00am

Full tanks and empty bladders.

This is a team ride with no stopping to look at tottie, as Biggles would not approve.

In Biggles world we are all young so the world is our oyster.

In Biggles world girls ( except Worrals and Frecks) are dangerous and we should be aware of their subterfuge.

That said Mrs Biggles will be flying in the rear cockpit and will have control of the Lewis gun.

Tally ho, were orf to Norfolk where the Camels are coming.
Weather permitting, wife away…should be there.

Is there any salt left on the roads? Mabye I should buy some winter gear and get on it.

No salt left, winter`s over.

As for winter gear a thick sweater and some knitted socks will suffice.

You can be Bertie.

If it’s dry I should be there :stuck_out_tongue:

For the incontinent will it be Biggles Flies Undone?

Or perhaps that’s for the flashers?

Bugger old bean, already got plans as I’m on SERV duty. Just beware of the hun in the sun and dont forget, “Spring chicken to shite hawk in one easy lesson”.

Wax the handlebar 'tash and chocks away — Tally ho chaps…

Not looking good !

Sun 10 FebMorning3 °c2 °c2.1 mm94 %6 mph1004 mb1199 mIn DetailAfternoon6 °c1 °c6.7 mm99 %7 mph996 mb1112 m
Evening1 °c1 °c0.3 mm99 %2 mph992 mb619 m

Damn, I have exactly the right goggles for this ride-out, but can’t make it on account of taking the other half out this weekend. I’m working away on Valentines day, so booked a nice hotel in town and got tickets for La Traviata at the ENO.

I will eventually make a Jetstream ride out in 2013 dammit!

Wouldn`t put Biggles off.:angry:

Anyway, we,re going here…

Sun 10 FebMorning17 °c17 °c1,019.0 mb0.0 mm0 %4 mph
Afternoon24 °c25 °c1,015.0 mb0.0 mm0 %7 mph
Evening14 °c13 °c1,015.0 mb0.0 mm11 %6 mph

If it’s raining, I’m bailing! :smiley:

Like Biggles would care.:angry:

according to our local weather

Snow and rain forecast for the Anglia region this weekend

Are you getting soft as you get older? We’ll have to look out for that in a few years:D

Sun 10 FebMorning2 °c-2 °c2.5 mm99 %13 mph999 mb1054 mIn DetailAfternoon4 °c-3 °c7.7 mm99 %16 mph992 mb654 m
Evening1 °c-4 °c2.4 mm100 %13 mph991 mb1074 m

Oh ye of little faith and long columns.:smiley: