10-08-18 Friday roll call


The weekend is here motherpluckers! looks like it might be a bit of a soggy one. I quite enjoyed riding home in the light rain yesterday. Like woodpecker ale, it was a refreshing change!

In other news, the tracer engine made it up on the bench for disassembly and cleaning last night. not an easy task solo, it’s a bit heavy.


Morning all!

Visit to the vet with the cat done, bike put on trickle charge, time for work.

Nice one @me_groovy with the engine. It’s got to be a good 40kg, no? Like the home-bodged engine support as well :slight_smile:


the engine is now taller than you


Still soaking up the vitamin D in Greece. Will be riding the London streets in the rain on Monday.


Afternoon perps :grin:
Could be a muddyish Sunday for those that like the greenlanes :+1:


Still laughing at Gazebogate


I think I aged two years reading that. Hilarious.

Kaos is still part of the community today isn’t he?


I think Gazebogate pissed him off enough to leave, I believe he’s still attached to cheekychick though.


Guess who forgot to close the vents on his jacket on the way home today.


Whoah! You’ve gone full on Father Christmas with the beard there dude! My god!