10-08-18 Friday roll call

The weekend is here motherpluckers! looks like it might be a bit of a soggy one. I quite enjoyed riding home in the light rain yesterday. Like woodpecker ale, it was a refreshing change!

In other news, the tracer engine made it up on the bench for disassembly and cleaning last night. not an easy task solo, it’s a bit heavy.

Morning all!

Visit to the vet with the cat done, bike put on trickle charge, time for work.

Nice one @me_groovy with the engine. It’s got to be a good 40kg, no? Like the home-bodged engine support as well :slight_smile:

the engine is now taller than you

Still soaking up the vitamin D in Greece. Will be riding the London streets in the rain on Monday.

Afternoon perps :grin:
Could be a muddyish Sunday for those that like the greenlanes :+1:

Still laughing at Gazebogate

I think I aged two years reading that. Hilarious.

Kaos is still part of the community today isn’t he?

I think Gazebogate pissed him off enough to leave, I believe he’s still attached to cheekychick though.

Guess who forgot to close the vents on his jacket on the way home today.

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Whoah! You’ve gone full on Father Christmas with the beard there dude! My god!