1 up 5 down appreciation post

Like him or not call him a Troll or fairy

looks like he’s here to stay

Has anyone met him , he/she might be a nice person

Don`t think" Pants down 3 up " is a fairy by his own volition.:ermm:

Makes me laugh. I like him :smiley:

Pin I thought you and he were one and the same…

Seeing as trolls are so keen for feedback…

Few words is good…

I’d like to see a rhyming couplet troll?

for all we know he could be a politician

says it all if he is :stuck_out_tongue:

Arrrr I think pin is funny and harmless.
Where as 1down can be a bit below the mark but funny too at times.

Also think a bit of banter is good keeps you on your toes!

The key-sword warrior thing just feels a bit old hat now - unless you have the wit of Oscar Wilde. When there is nothing witty or provocative being delivered, it all becomes rather dull and tedious. Sure he’s a lovely bloke in ‘real life’ though. Can’t imagine that he’ll ever show up to anything, but if he does, first tea is on me :smiley:

Check your moral compasses.

This guy thinks it is fine to suggest someone on here should meet an end similar to that SA taxi driver…

…not funny.

Crikey, as I find him boring, I rarely read his posts now, so I missed that one. He can buy his own tea!

Must have missed that one too!


He was supposed to be at Brands on Friday and could’ve been, but he never came up and said hi :-\

Hi LiM
Sorry to disappoint you but we are not one and the same
As for me being troll maybe
I just try not to take life serious and only post with humour i hope

I read your posts Pin and have yet to be offended by anything you’ve said :smiley:

I like Pin. Don’t pull Pin!:w00t:

Hey Pin

I like your contributions so far…

ha ha haha ha ha

Trolls are actually quite rare on this forum.

So two at the same time suggests a quorum…


The other problem with down’s posts is the flicks

A lap of the Nurburgring by R6?

It’s interesting for the first five seconds…

at least I guess that’s what he reckons…

First thread I’ve seen in a while where he’s not made an appearance

What if we prefixed all thread titles with ‘1 up 5 down appreciation post’ do you think that might work similar to an iggy button?

I too thought the two of them were the same person. I also decided that since there’s two of him he can go and **** himself…

We met Iggy today and he seemed very nice.:slight_smile: