1 place required for Silverstone GP 30/7/08

Martinn would like to participate so is looking for a spot

Please PM me if you have one available

If not he’ll look good being your brolly dolly for the day :smiley:

Ang…what are you doing!!! don’t encourage Martin to turn up at Silverstone all lycra clad!! it won’t be a good look, someone please give him a place!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll have you know that I happened to look very appealing in stretchy fabric. My proof is a recent conversation with a woman from Latvia.

The conversation was something like…
“You ready, baby…?”
“Yes, you big monster, rrrravish me now, you look so vunderful in bright orange!”

So there!

I have a mental image of the Tango man.

Still looking :smiley:

I knew there was something going between you and Martin :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Oi cheeky!!


Called the lovely lady in the Focussed Events office, and she effectively told me not to bother her again! (Sounds a bit like my ex-wife…) Well, I have called their office every day this week.

But she is insistent that she will NOT take my name, because riders canNOT cancel within 10 days of the event, and she will NOT call me if a space comes up. The answer is NO NOT NO NO NO.

It’s beginning to sink in now… :doze:

If it near just turn up and wave money, someone is bound not to turn up or fall off…

If they don’t bring the brolley and lycra

from what I hear this is no longer required.