1 guess

who is this



Now that’s a small box!

Were you the one taking pics while riding along? Think you may have me in the background of one or a few?

Can you post up a link if you have one?

going to get the pics over to Jay this week to host,

also pm sent

I dont know as im not into seeing men with there trousers down.

… hmmm … don’t know … could be ginger … not sure as there’s no food in his hands …

It can only be one person, hey Ginger… I was told you didn’t need to cover anything up with your hands as theres nothing there.

Only a c0cktail sausage.

Gotta be Ginger what with the Flourescent Orange Top and Flourescent Yellow Cod Piece.

Is this his new get-up to replace the Flourescent Green T-Shirt & Shorts I ask ?

Thank you god I’ve just eaten before looking at this post!

Deffinatley ginger he has to be the only geezer i know that can safley cover his Knob with a 4x4 inch number plate

how did u know it was me!!??

so thats were my brillow pad whent!!!
my god hes got shocking legs!!!