1 day insurance

Good morning gents/ladies,

I have to collect my sons moped from the main-dealer where it has been for the last 3 months (don’t ask).

I have comp insurance on my bike which after reading tells me that I am insured to ride my bike and mine alone! I have rung my insurer (esure) who will only add the moped if I am the registered keeper. The comp insurance on the car allows me to drive any other car providing me with third party cover aslong as …I think you all know the rest.

So the question is, does anyone know an insurance company that I can get 1 day’s insurance with?

Otherwise it’s hiring a trailer for the day to collect the damn thing… :blink:

you might find hiring a trailer is cheaper


^^ or a van…

You can hire vans by the hour from those car club type places.

These people do a medium van for only £9.48/hour:

google short term insurance cover, I did a one day cover to test drive a car it only cost £28 but it did have a very high excess about 1500 quid I think, sorry cant remember the company, all done online even print out the certificate.

Thanks for the replies,

Busa, you’re right you can get one day cover for a car, but it seems that for a bike the insurers tend to view it differently, I did find one on google but they have had to withdraw the service due to the underwriters pulling out!

So yes, “the Prawn” it looks like hiring a trailer for the day may be the way the to go…

And CJ thanks for the link.

When I come to renew my own policy later this year, I think that I may consider insurers that offer the third party cover option on other bikes…

I was not awear of that, do you not know anyone who could ride it back for you?

ebike did monthly ones I believe?

That hadn’t occurred to me I may know someone that could, it’s definitely worth an ask. Failing that cost of a trailer for a day £25, so not the end of the world.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

1 day aint really worth it and expensive, you could prob get a month for peanuts… as said you might as well hire a trailer or van,

Take out a policy with a company that allows a 14 day cooling off period, ride the moped home, then cancel the insurance.

I’m assuming the moped isn’t insured, else your son could ride it back …

Insurance policies that include riding another bike require that the other bike is insured by the owner, if that’s not the case it shouldn’t be ridden on the road.

Yup, very true… I remember the same thing when my boss was trying to get me to ride his honda c-90… it’s a good job I didn’t because he ended up riding it round the block without insurance or licence only to find out the brakes were not working after he’d crashed into someone’s fence! :crazy:

he probably realised the brakes were not working just before he hit the fence :stuck_out_tongue:

Very true Martin.

I sort of realised my brakes were not performing at their best when I blew a couple of fork oil seals and the lube ended up on the discs a bit before I got to the round a bout at the end of the M3. I think that was about the same time I thought a change of under wear might not go amiss.

Short term insurance is always going to be a worst case option. Cost me £43 for one weeks insurance to collect my daughters car from the seller.

Irony is that when she took out insurance, she got a £50 reduction for having me as a named second driver.

Will the moped fit in the back of the car?

Yes Art your right about his insurance being expired. Because it’s taken so long for the bike shop to find the fault and complete the work under warranty, he’s lost interest in the moped, his insurance expired while it was still being sorted. Now he’s got it into his head that he fancies driving lessons instead, so maybe that was the silver lining of the work taking so long.

I don’t think it would fit into a car, but managed to borrow a bike trailer from someone at work… :slight_smile:

The only insurance company I know of that allows the riding of other motorcycles is MCE, and only then if you are over a certain age.

I know because me and the misses both own 2 bikes each and we both wanted to be able to ride each others bike, should the need arise.

Going by my son’s insurance record, the “certain age” can be as low as 25.

But the other persons bike you ride still needs to carry insurance in the keepers name.