09 crossplane silver R1

My mate’s R1 was stolen today at 4pm in a uni campus on roehampton vale on A3, those scums ripped off his number plate and throw it on the floor then lift the bike up in a white Ford transit van, the bike reg no is PK09 XKE, the reg number of the van is EX03 WOY
According to the witness who is 1 of the uni staff, he said 2 scums were in mask.

Please, people keep an eye around…

The bike has a michelin icon sticker on the left edge of nose con, and mirror has scratch when dropped the bike stationary. and a LJ motorcycle advertisement sticker on the chain guard, and BN Race Science stickers are both sides of the front fork, also the right side crash bung is scratched and bend by lowside on cold tyres.

Here is a couple pictures of the bike. If anything, please send me a PM on LB asap. Thanks for everyone. There will be a ££ award if found.

Picture borrowed is from trackday photographer, http://www.peterwilemanphotography.com/main/

Really sorry to hear this, I know how much he loved his bike!!! I’ll be keeping my eyes open for sure…and the van.

Let me know if there’s anything I can do mate.

thx, Brian, how you been? havnt seen u for a while.

I cant believe the scums jus drove into the uni campus, drove all the way to the back of the building, with 5 CCTV on the way, and lots of eyes staring at them…

I’ve not been far away, still biking. There’s the usual social on a Saturday morning if you’re passing.:slight_smile:

It’s crazy the lengths they will go to to steal your pride and joy. Hopefully some info can be useful from the cctv…there’s a chance it may be recovered.

Was that Richard’s R1?

Shows up as insured - might of course be cloned plates - or might just be stupid enough to be stealing bikes in their own van:-


Yes, unfortunately…

Thank you very much, this is really helpful!! (shake hand)