08 Fireblade or K5/K6 GSXR 1000??

I’m looking at getting another Bike, It won’t be till after the summer when better deals can be had, i have a Budget of £7,000 (but this includes any extras that i want, exhaust etc) and my options are either a 2008 Fireblade, these can be picked up between £5,500-£6,500 or a K5/K6 Gixxer Thou, these are going for around £4,000-£5,000 so i could get one and throw a few pennies at it to make it a proper tool!
I am favoring the Blade just as it’s newer but i love the K5/K6 Gixxer and am so torn. I know for my money i could get a newer Gixxer Thou but i don’t like the Twin exhaust on the 08 Onwards and by the time they go back to single exhaust they go just beyond my Budget for one with the extras i want.

I’ve had an 01 Blade and didn’t like it that much and is the reason i went back to the 750, but i’m now thinking it’s time to go back to a Litre Bike.

What are peoples thoughts on both Bikes?

The Blade i want doesn’t need to have an after market exhaust or anything like that as i know the System i am going to put on it regardless of what it comes with, whereas the Gixxer i would want to get one with all the bits already done to try and save a few quid.

Keep your bike and get a supermoto for bcr mate. You know its what you want

You could get something new on finance instead. With that much deposit the monthly payments could be pretty low.

There’s an 08 full carbon blade on the bike bay on Facebook looks very stealth machine

@ Dhofty- I want to do that definately but the Mrs has put a Vito on 2 Bikes and not sure a Supermoto will be ideal as a single bike for me as i’d need to commute on it as well as having it as a toy.

@Joby- I’m Lucky (But unfortunate in other senses) I have a pretty wealthy Step Dad who has always lent me the Money when i need things so i’ve never had a Credit Card/Store Card or Finance on anything so my Credit Rating is the same as anyone that has had all of that stuff and Knocked them all!! I tried getting finance on a new GSXR 1000 Last year and it refussed it as my Credit Score was so low. I just borrowed a large sum of money off him before Christmas as i had to come up with 6 Months rent in my new House and i don’t really want to ask him just yet for another big sum for a new Bike as i’ve only just finished paying him back the last debt!! lol.I’m sure he would say yes but then i have another monthly outgoing that i don’t really need right now :frowning:

@Chris, I’m not on FaceBook so can’t see it. got any links?

Doesn’t appear to be listed anywhere else. Says it’s worth £6500 looking for a swap but it’s in Bolton. Don’t know how to do a link

Shame, would like to have seen it :frowning:

I’ve sent it on whattsapp

Looks nice, but not enough Orange :slight_smile:

See if u can open this, Sam

Nah need to be on Facebook and I refuse to use that place

Ok MrsB did it for me

£4-5k for a K6 seems to be a top loaded price I only gave £4.3K for my K7 with loads of goodies and extras I could sell the spares I got and get back at least £400 and it has a full service history

Yes, i went for top prices and anything less is a bonus.
I’ve seen k5’s for £3,500 but a bit tatty right up to pristine ones for £5,000 so its a very wide spectrum in prices for the Gixxer Thou.
The blades range from £5,500 up to £7,000 for an 08’
i’ve seen this 09’ Blade with 2,700 miles and in imaculate condition for £7,290 (and its Orange!!) so it’s practically brand new, i put 2,700 miles on my bike every 6 months!!

I think once i’ve done the Haslam Race school on the Blade next week i am probably going to be completely swayed towards the Blade. i reckon i could even go to a 10 plate blade for £7,000 if i looked hard enough

I did try the four jap litre bikes blade was ok was a 2009 , R1 2008 was ok but I had one few years back and didn’t fancy another ZX10 2009 fell in love with it and still want one but couldn’t find one that want green or orange
Tried the K8 & it was my second choice ended up with a K7 as the bike was a good one for the money and it’s not different to a K8 aprt from the colour scheme
I’m still unsure if I want to keep the K7 still want to get a ZX 10R
I do 15k miles every 6 months

I’m not a fan of the ZX10, Think its really ugly but the blade is really Pretty. The ZX10 is a Russian Shot Putter and the Blade is Jessica Ennis :@)

If you’re struggling to choose then a test ride on both should make the decision a lot easier.
The newer Blade will make the older gsxr feel a bit dated in my opinion.
My Blade was a rocket ship with a full titanium Akro. The full system made a huge difference.
Just sold the lot for a lot less than you’re willing to pay. But don’t worry it was not your favourite colour in black. :slight_smile:

Nothing an orange spray can wont fix :wink:

Im not that fussed about what colour scheme I get to be honest as i’ll most likely get another one off paint scheme done on it. The blades at Ron Haslam are completely standard other than track fairings so that will be a nice test ride round donnington next week