08.08.Mallory £74

08/08/2008Mallory Park Circuit SaverFriday14 places£74with focused events

just putting this up to see idf anybody would be interested in doing this

its very cheep so it would be rude not to

Is it a evening session…seems mad cheap

cheap because its a short circuit so it is a full day.

would come if my track bike was fixed…


Might do mate…Depends if I have my bike sorted by then.

Good price.

im booking this tomorrow il be heading up in a van if any of you horrible lot wana come along in the van pm me

space for 2 more bikes with room to spare;)

Yep defo interested, I missed out on Mallory last year following the breakdown!

Just need to find out delivery dates now :smiley:

I’m assuming you guys are going night before?

Oooh I had no idea Mel… congratulations babe… I better start knitting;):D:D

i have now booked this!!! gone up to £79 now be quick to save money ;);)yeah should be just gotta sort out the bnb… if you know of any good ones in the area do let us know

It’s not far. I rode up the mornig of the track day last time. I wanna come, need ot check the finances as they’re crap at the moment :frowning:

i think you should come, as the more ladies we have the better. it means i`ve got a reason to keep the pace down and follow you and check out ur fine rear end:D:P:D

That would be you assuming you could keep up :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, I might to check out your rear too.

I’ll find out tomorrow when I can take delivery of my new toy :smiley: hope there are still spaces left by then!

so wen you do finally get ur new bike u gunna “GISAGO”:D:P


yeah I’m coming. let me know whcih bnb ! and don’t forget me and my friend in your van m8 :smiley:

there’s no more spaces but i might book the saturday

looks like its gona be a wet one…:D:cool:

better get me a set of wets on me spare wheels wheels