07 R1 decat - final part............

Right, for all you 07 R1 owners - the Akra pipe fitted! Much better than the Ixil pipe only problem area at the manifold meet point - you’ll need the supplied clip plus another jubilee clip to prevent blowing. I put the cans on the pipe first as they’re quite a tight fit then assembled can and pipe ( clips on the cans untightened) on to the manifold,- DON’T do as I did and rest the cans on the indicators as they’ll get scratched to buggery ( the tops of the indicators), when you push the whole lot forwards. You may need to apply some sealant at the decat pipe/manifold joint as it’s not a real tight fit - I used some silicon.

Had a bit of a struggle lining the offside can up with it’s mounting point but got there evenyually. Tighten the allen key bolt on the link pipe to frame mount point - there’s a bit of ally between the frame and the pipe and when you push the assembly forwards and ‘on’ the allen bolt head is inacessible as it moves behind the frame spar.

The other fiddly part is getting the OE heat shield sorted - the metal shield fitted fine the plastic one’s a bit of a mare as you lose some of the mounting points - I have rearsets fitted too so even more fiddly, I used a couple of big zip ties to replace mountings that were no longer there. Had to disconnect then reconnect the rear brake light - carefully as the metal contacts clip into a plastic housing and the contacts are dead flimsy

You dont need to remove all the plastic around the tail unit - just loosen to access the screws holding the covers for the can’s mounting bolts.

All in all a lot of faffing - probably about 5 hours of my life, but I did try and fit two different makes 2 or so hours would be sensible - but worth it - did a commute into Blackfriars today and definitely less heat on my right leg, even when trickling through traffic and stopping at the 1000 f’in traffic lights between Reigate and Blackfriars.

Thanks to Brian at http://www.brspecialtuning.co.uk/ for quick delivery and help.