'06 Akrapovic GSXR 1000 Model

Taken from MCN:

You’ll be able to spot who has the latest 2006 Akrapovic exhausts next year with the introduction of the new silencer across the road and off-road ranges.

The new design is based on current trends for a more angular look, with lots of carbon fibre. The new conical outlet has a rounded transition to the rast of the can, and it has been tested thoroughly to deliver maximum power and torque with appropriate noise reduction and gas emissions.

Initially only carbon-fibre outer sleeves and outlet caps will be available, with other finishes to follow. It’s available for all new Racing and Evolution systems and a few selected models int he existing range, with other models and remaining ranges staying with the classic oval design. It will be officially launched at the EICMA show in Milan in November, but you can see the first pictures here.

Contact: 01788 869100

Personally, I like it, though I’m confused as to why it took them a year after the bike was released to bring this to market. Akrapovic normally get first-run bikes off the manufacturers to develop their new models with.

oh i like them can i have one please LOL

Not much of a fan of carbon fibre which Jay and Cezar knows but that looks gorgeous! lol


Hennessy mate, you still looking to the dark side eh? Come on ? look to the carbon… I think you are changing…


I would love to replace my FMF (what I was thinking when I bought that bolt on is beyond me. ) with a nice carbon fiber Akropovic…maybe next spring after the Brembo brakes upgrade…

KSGREGMAN are you fitting brembo master cylinder, the calipers or both, to your bike? I gotr the MC and it has changed my bike completely, I love it!

LOL, nooo I must resist! I’m just glad I haven’t got a K5 Gixxer thou, otherwise I would have to give in


Hennessy, I think this model is intended for a range of bike models.

Damn, well I hope its not out for an R6 then