If anyone wants a full set of 06-07 R6 fairings in raven black I have a set going, best offers for the full set or if I get enough interest in selling it all seperately… In good condition, their not off my bike by the way! lolSend me a PM if your interested! For sale elsewhere so sorry if their already gone by the time you get to ask me, but you never know! Thanks



Front Nose ConeHeadlightsFront Air IntakeScreenFront FenderFront IndicatorsFull LHS FairingFull RHS FairingInfill panelsTankAirbox CoverTank InfillsRear FairingUndertrayRear LightRear IndicatorsRear HuggerI can get pictures but haven’t taken any at the moment so PM and if the interest is there then I’ll PM pictures! Thanks

Some more parts just come in:

AirboxAir FilterFairing StayAnother Rear LightRider SeatPillion Seat

Bloody hell mate, long time no see. Post up in General with a status report!

Ill take them all :wink:

Jst playing Hennesy good luck with the sale though :cool:

Hey Jay, how you doin buddy? Yea I’ve been a busy guy over the past months its hard to get any time to myself although I have been flicking here and there reading some threads.I’m afraid I will have to hold you to your first post Clinton, I’ll let you know the price and if you dont pay im sending the bailiffs round, lol :stuck_out_tongue: Love the avatar aswell mate!