06/06 tea hut tongiht

whos up the hut tonight will be there form 6.30 ish :slight_smile: hope weather stays good

Yh if i get the bike back in time… lol

Not sure yet but if I do make it it’ll be after 8:D

You know what, if it doesnt p*ss it down with rain i might venture out, i have been saying this for weeks…:Whistling:


Ross , Cam & Me , will be up TH tonight ( as always )


is it safe to come out yet… just after i left my last post the heavens opened & started p#ssing down.:frowning:

well, its pissing down now. gonna have to keep the carrier bags over my feet

typical. always nice during working hours. non working hours always crappy


ill be past blackheath on way home as leaving work now and if theres other bikes there ill stop. might pass borough market first too as thats more sheltered

apparently you were there and we missed you by a few min, says Jay. But there’ll be another time ^^

She was indeed there Schmidtty. We were talking about the good old Ducati reliability (or lack of). :smiley:

Hey now come on Daniel the old rattler got me home, i will admit its not far. The old bill always make me twitchy (even when im legal) Actually was desperate for a pee, ive got a 1 cup bladder, the leather romper makes it quite an issue! See you all again soon.:w00t:

Its a very nice bike though. I must admit if I owned one I’d probably buy myself a Lazy Boy chair so I can just it there and look at it.

See you next Weds? You got there really early last time. Come around 7ish and there will be more of a crowd. Also helps if everyone doesn’t think its going to start pissing down :P.

It was nice to meet U Dee,

Ended up with 15 - 20 bikes at one point. some of us were still there till after 12 ,lol

see ya next week :slight_smile: